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  1. Wow - are you talking about my aunts & uncles. Got married last July, not even a Congrats at Xmas for getting married! Oh well, I'm saving lots of $$$ not going to graduation parties or showers. Ladies, you are not alone if you are experiencing this! ***From my experience, if you don't hear back from people, they are NOT going. If someone is planning on going, they will reach out to you with tons of questions and let you know to count them in! Don't stress this! Just plan with the number of people who have confirmed. xo
  2. Hi JasminB, I did the FREE Package. For me, it wasn't worth the gift or massages. We had 30 guests plus myself and the groom, so 32 in total. Last year, the FREE package included 10 guests so I paid $11.50 for each of the 22 additional guests. This charge was for making the wedding cake big enough for 32 people. I then decided to add an additional layer of cake (I didn't want a tiny cake for pictures) and the additional layer was $80 (that was totally up to me). Let me know if you have more questions Monica
  3. JasminB - Yes, the $600 is the fee to cover the rental of the restaurant. Food is included, my guests thought the food was delicious and had 4 choices to chose from for their entree at the Steakhouse. I paid extra to have the premium bar setup. This cost $16 per person (this may have gone up in the past year). This included 3 bartenders and an open bar all night. No worries about asking questions, feel free to email me anytime Monica
  4. Hello! Sorry it took me so long to respond! The charge was $600 for a private reception. The DJ was $400 for 4 hours and the MC was $150. I loved the DJ and MC - nice guys! Yes, there is a dance area near the DJ with plenty of room. Maria was wonderful to work with too! I will check back frequently in case you have more questions.
  5. Move forward with the destination wedding! I wouldn't convince her it's ok to bring the baby - that's her decision. You don't want to influence her because if something happens to the baby, you will be blamed forever. Secondly, his brother can fly out even if it's only for 2 or 3 nights. He's got to figure that out for himself. Hopefully in the end, he will go! You've done the right steps, even offered to pay - let me think about it and decide. You have plenty of time. He can even let you know 6 weeks before the wedding about his decision. Remember - if this is your dream wedding, GO FOR IT. Don't change it up because of drama because you WILL regret it! Who ever makes it, you will appreciate and have fun. xo
  6. My wedding was on a Wednesday and I literally had people flying in the morning of the wedding. There may be more things they have to juggle and if they prefer to fly in on a certain day, you shouldn't worry. If they make it to pre-wedding festivities fine, but I wouldn't stress out the guests. The most important event is the wedding so i would not pressure/question/or try to convince them to fly in/out on specific dates. Just my thoughts..........They may want to get home to rest up before the work week starts or have comittments that weekend
  7. I picked up my bridal set right before taking off for our wedding in Punta Cana and didn't wear them until the wedding. I kept them in the safe, along with his ring and a watch I got him. I was never worried about anything in the safe. Just triple - check that it's locked when you leave your room. Do this, kept the rings sparkly and shiny for the photos!
  8. You will love Iberostart Grand! We loved it so much we are looking into going to Iberostar Grand in Montego Bay for our 1 Year Anniversary How are the wedding plans going for Riu Palace?
  9. I didn't get a ton of RSVP's back...super annoying........if they haven't reached out to you, take as they are not coming. I went through this, trust me - you will be super happy once you are there and afterwards. Be prepared.......people will be awkward with you afterwards - they won't even acknowledge it because they never RSVP'd and avoided you. When they mentin the wedding, I just "it was an amazing time with our closest family and friends - we are all hoping to go away together again next year"
  10. We paid for everything ourselves! We got gifts (envelopes) from close family and friends.
  11. And, if they can't afford to go for a week, they can always go for 2 or 3 nights which won't cost even a grand per person. Again, if they really want to make it happen, they will...those who don't.....oh well.
  12. If it's local and you genuinely want to go - go! But if you aren't up for it or make other plans, don't stress about it.
  13. Hang in there future brides! Once you get dropped off at your resort, NONE of this will matter. The people who make it out there will have a blast and so will you! I had people avoid me, tell me they are so broke that their electricity gets shut off (yah right). Their behavior was baffling, I just chaulked it up to "I will save a ton of money not killing myself to attend of their future events." I still look back and have a smile on my face when I think of my wedding in July, and so will you!
  14. @ Jamie5280 - I feel the same way. I had one "friend" come through, my maid of honor. So I hear you! We had 30 guests in total, immediate family was a majority and it really made me appreciate that they came through. Friends come and go, and relationships change. Either way, you will have a blasts with the guests who make it there
  15. Sounds familiar! I had family / friends that never mentioned or asked questions about my wedding! It was like - maybe if they didn't mention it to me, they thought I would forget I had invited them. You will see people's true colors throughout this process. You will be shocked at who ends up going and not going to your wedding. Some people will say they are booking the trip the day they get the invitationa and then you will never hear from them again (my wedding was 8 months ago). Then the ones who didn't RSVP or didn't end up going won't even say Congrats to you after in order to avoid talking about it. After the whole thing, I'm even more happier I didn't drop $30 - $40 grand on a wedding feeding people chicken in Boston that didn't even bother to acknowledge my destination wedding. Having a destination wedding was the best decision we made
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