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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm having my reception there in a week and I was getting nervous! I would love to see your pictures of the boat!
  2. We're not planning on getting table clothes right now, but I would guess they're extra. Here's what Caribbean Celebration carries if you're interested in getting table clothes and chairs from them: http://www.weddingsandeventsinpuntacana.com/?page_id=35&album=5 They were super speedy and responsive so I'm sure if you asked they would give you a quote quickly. Also, if this is helpful, Flori did also send me details for getting the decorations from them: -Simple Decoration: $ 180 - A big bouquet of flowers at the Bar & Decoration with sea shells & Marine Stones - Tropical Decoration: $ 250 A big bouquet of flowers at the Bar & Table cloths & Decoration with sea shells & Marine Stones - Super Tropical decoration: $ 300 - Floral arrangements centerpieces per each table - decorated with sea shells & Marine Stones. She sent this to me last January, so I'm not sure if it's up to date. I have to say, Daniel has been super responsive since I figured out I needed to email him thanks to this forum. He's also asked me about the different email I was using to contact Flori, so perhaps they were unaware that there was another email and that's why our emails got dropped. I can post more details and pictures of the boat when I get back from my wedding a few weeks if you're interested
  3. The pictures in the post show the new plastic ones. They're not terrible, but I just really loved the look of the wooden ones that are in all of the pictures on their website and in all of the materials they sent me. As you said, it's going to be amazing though-- no matter what we end up doing with chairs and table clothes, etc.
  4. Not sure why it won't let me post her name, even in the link! You'll need to take the link and replace the stars with k a t y a to make it work.
  5. Yeah I had my one and only bridezilla moment over those chairs, haha. I never thought I'd be a person to get worked up about a detail like that, but when you think you're getting these pretty classy looking chairs and instead will be getting plastic chairs it kind of sucks. I guess at least we know beforehand and get get other chairs if we want. I feel like it would have been a lot worse to find out the day of with no way to change it. You can check them out yourself though and see what you think: http://www.*****novablog.com/la-barcaza-wedding-boat-punta-cana-ka/ I really wish they'd change the pictures on their website to reflect these new chairs so at least people would know what they were getting...
  6. Yeah, I totally agree. I was not impressed that they didn't reach out about the new contact information or about the fact they changed the chairs since all of the pictures on their website are the wooden ones. I would have never known if I wouldn't have seen *****'s pictures. Caribbean Celebrations is charging us $7 per chair + $100 transportation fee. One of the best things about them has been how incredibly quick and clear the communication has been. Better than any other vendor we're working with I'd say. When I'd ask a question or ask for an update on my invoice, I'd usually get same day, if not within the hour. I might check with Daniel to see if the chair situation is still the plastic chairs from this summer (who knows maybe that has changed again too? Since I've already paid with CC I figured I'm going to use them no matter what at this point).
  7. Yeah, I had had emailed Flori a few times in the last few weeks with no response which was stressing me out because we're leaving in about a week (!). Thank goodness for this thread -- I used the email address from the website (weddingsboatpuntacan@hotmail.com) instead of the one I was using with Flori and immediately got a response back from Daniel confirming our reservation and answering all of my questions. As for decorations, we're going with a company called Caribbean Celebrations. Originally we were just going to go with the decorations on the boat + perhaps some bouquet flowers since I think the boat is really beautiful on its own, but when my photographer posted some pictures of a wedding on a boat I noticed that the chairs had changed from those nice wooden ones to white plastic ones... I emailed Flori to see if we could get the wooden ones, but it sounds like they only have the plastic ones now... Since I didn't want plastic chairs, we went with CC because they deliver, had pretty cheap prices for chairs, and can also do some simply white flower centerpieces for us.
  8. Just bought my Coco today! So excited to get her on the beach!
  9. Hello all! My FI and I are getting married at Dreams Punta Cana this November and are super pumped about the resort. Originally we were thinking about staying at Dreams for our entire stay (around 12 days), but now we're wondering if we should go to another resort after our wedding so it feels more like a separate honeymoon. Also, we love Dreams, but we chose it in part because it was the best fit for our wedding. We might be interested in staying somewhere more intimate for the honeymoon. Anybody else do this? Are we crazy? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Anybody have suggestions for decorations? Has anyone used the decorations from the boat? What did you think of them? Flori sent me some pictures, but none of them were quite was I was hoping for... Any idea how much they can customize?
  11. This is a review of:

    Katya Nova Photography

    Top Notch Destination Wedding Photographers

    Pros: stunning photos, laid back and fun to work with, familiar with area
    Cons: None
    Katya and Rob photographed my wedding on November 2, 2012 in the Dominican Republic.  I really cannot say enough good things about the experience.  Out of all of the decisions we made for our wedding, hiring this pair was definitely at the top of the list.     We had a small and intimate wedding and Katya and Rob fit in so well and felt like old friends.  They chatted and laughed with our guests all the while capturing beautiful pictures.  I loved having two  photographers who coordinated
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