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  1. I really like the vest idea above! I didn't even think about that!
  2. Are you planning on wearing the barefoot sandals all day? That is a cute idea! I think for the ceremony I will wear hills, but barefoot sandals maybe a good idea for the beach reception?!?!?!
  3. I already have four girls who are my bridesmaids and i have three more that I would really like to have. My FI also has several other friends he would really like to include too. Since we only have 35ish guest attending the DW, we didn't want the majority of the guest standing up under the gazebo. So we decided to invite them and include them in everything else the bridal party was doing. I think we are even going to get them the same gifts we get the bridal party.
  4. coones

    150 posts!

    Congrats to those who have made it!!! Still working away!
  5. I need to get on the ball with being more consistent with working out!!!
  6. Thanks for the info. That would suck for stuff not to get there. Do you know if customs is as strict about what you can bring with you in your luggage? For example, I read somewhere you can mail food, but could I bring small packaged snacks for the OOT bags?
  7. I finally figured out what the BD book is! That will absolutely be a nice way for him to "see you"! That is a cute idea!
  8. I found some similar boxes to Angie1017. At the Dollar Tree, they had first aide kits that included the white box and first aide supples for $1. I purchased the individual packs of Mortin at Staples (50 packs for $12.50). After I already purchasd mine, I then found the Johnson & Johnson first aide kits at WalMart for $0.97.
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