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  1. Hi everyone! I was married at GS on November 25 and the day couldn’t have gone more perfectly. The WCs are excellent; they were there to make sure the day went exactly as planned. I didn’t decide until almost the last minute to get my hair and makeup done at the spa but I am SO glad that I did! Both hair and makeup turned out perfect! Flowers were beautiful, they took care of getting flower petals for my 2 flower girls as well - my poor little ring bearer is only 18 months though and wouldn’t walk down the aisle!! He sat down in the middle of it and cried instead! Oh well, he still looked adorable! We brought our own photographer who was amazing, the resort photographer was ok, and we did get some ok shots from her. If I could offer one piece of advice though - she was quite pushy with our photographer and was trying to take over the show which was kind of preventing my hired photographer from getting some of her shots. Make sure she knows who is running the show! We had to end our photos a little early and got under the palapa just in time because it started to pour... thankfully it wasn’t during the ceremony though and it didn’t last long. All the waiters and bartenders were great; we have no complaints about any of the staff We had to leave the palapa at 10 and I didn’t realize that the disco didn’t open until 11pm because we were planning on going right there afterwards. So after going to the lobby bar, we never ended up even making it back to the disco. The WC took care of everything for us - they helped us get some of our favors ready and set up all of them on the tables, and all of the fans we had for people on the chairs for the ceremony. They were very accommodating with everything we asked for. We did a trash the dress session the next day which was amazing!!!! If you are on the fence not sure if you want to do it or not, I say go for it!! It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I got a different dress because I actually got married in the dress that my nonna made for my mom that she wore on her wedding day (with a few minor alterations), but the dress I swam in was $100 off the rack! It was so much fun! The pictures that we’ve seen of it so far have turned out amazing!! If you have any other questions just ask... like so many other on here, I was so thankful to have this forum while planning my wedding, I’m happy to return the favor!
  2. Wow! The photos are stunning! The pictures with you and your dad are just perfect, they are my favorites for sure, they made me even more excited for my wedding day!!
  3. Thanks janette34! I have the Bliss transat package so it doesn't include either, but I don't need a dj. I'll have everything on a laptop, and my photographer's husband has agreed to play dj for the night
  4. Just ordered this beautiful cake topper from seller: sweetiecaketopper They double as salt and pepper shakers after!
  5. There is no other option.. getting married at Grand Sirenis on Nov 25!
  6. Does anyone know what the cost is to rent all the sound equipment if you are having your wedding at the palapa? Getting married on November 25 -- only 55 days to go!!
  7. erinmc I"m with you. I need to start making my welcome booklet and would love to see some templates but I am so far from 150 posts!
  8. hey katydid, your not the only one! my fiancee and i are getting married at Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach on 11.25.11.... we are bringing a photographer from home though. Congrats to everyone... 80 more days to go!
  9. This list is a life saver, I am saving it right away. Thanks so much
  10. smikit, your bags are truly amazing, i love them!
  11. These are great photos, makes me even more excited for our wedding!
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