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  1. Since I was getting married out of my country, I was extremely nervous about making a decision on a photographer, especially with not being able to meet with them first. Since all you’re left with at the end of the day is your pictures and memories, this was one of the most important decisions I had to make. I was fortunate enough to find a referral for Luz Maria Avila photography on the Best Destination Wedding forum. I went through her website and instantly fell in love with her style of photography and pictures. The emotions I felt through her pictures was exactly what I was looking for and I was definitely not disappointed. She was also very considerate, understanding and patient as I was so nervous booking someone halfway across the world. She was very quick to reply to emails, sometimes answering just minutes after. Her honesty and hard work is to be commended. Having Luz with me on my wedding day to capture every detail was truly a blessing, even during all of the rain and windstorm. She was extremely easy to work with and I immediately felt at ease when we first met. She made sure that we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves during the entire photo shoot. Luz captured each emotion we felt during our ceremony and was able to portray them in each and every picture she took. The saying is so true “A picture is worth a thousand words.†Luz arrived at our hotel earlier than expected and was ready to start shooting. She even returned to our hotel just a few short days afterwards with all of our pictures ready and even a picture montage put to music as she knew we would be returning to Canada from Mexico shortly. Our wedding photos are absolutely stunning and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!! We’ve had nothing but compliments on every photo and we cannot stop looking at them ourselves! Our photos are a priceless reminder of our wedding day and the love we share. Luz, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.
  2. italigirl

    What's your first dance song?

    I think we've decided on Ti Sposero Perche by Eros Ramazzotti since I'm italian and 13 of the 16 of our group is italian. It just fits PS.......In exactly one month I'll be in mexico and in 33 days I'll be married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooohoooooooooooooo!!
  3. Are any of you using an outside photographer? Have you found any that aren't too expensive? I'm just curious to know what the average price is.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by svetayasofiya Susie you look lovely! I think the dress turned out really nice. What is the detail at the front? I wish you had a close up of that. Funny someone should mention place cards, lol I decided to do them and I am ordering them through Ana so they will match our invitations. I am kind of killing two birds with one stone, because for favours I am getting maracas... which will also function as the means to get me and my FI to kiss. So I am having tags made where one side will have the guests name and what table they are at, and the other side will say: shake for a kiss. I will tie them to the maracas and have them all placed on a main table at the entrance so everyone gets one and everyone knows where to sit. We are a total of 40 people and I think assigning seats just helps everyone. Otherwise it will be a big mess. But that's just my two cents. I have everyone seated together via family and I have one table I call the 'shit mix table' LOL because it's all the spouses of the bridal party, my sister-in law, a cousin and the photographer. It's also the youngest table so watch- they'll have the most fun! Now here's to hoping to last minute guests book, because the cards will be all messed up then! We are 5 perfect tables of 8. No more room! LOL This is such an AMAZING idea!!! I never would've thought of that. Where are you getting the maracas from?
  5. italigirl

    reception table set-up pic's

    Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch Well I don't have pics yet but here is my idea: Have the Mexican blanket/serape as a table runner: I ordered these maracas and I am going to put a pair or two on each table tied together by raffia. And in the middle have a photo holder similar to this (I am in the middle of making them) hold up our table names (events from when we have been together such as: graduation, engagement, trips, College Days, Love at first site) and pictures of those times. Finally there will be tea lights all around that. I have an image in my head I hope it all comes out right! Where did you order the maracas from?? That's such a great idea!
  6. italigirl

    What's your first dance song?

    Quote: Originally Posted by *Heather* What about God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts? My FI and I aren't really Country fans and this is too much country for us. We like the lyrics but I don't know....not feeling the song much. We were thinking about doing the first song we danced to at a high school dance when I was 13 it's I Swear by All4one but the voice irritates me too lol. The other version is too country so that leaves me SOL.
  7. italigirl

    What's your first dance song?

    Mi FI is the very first boyfriend I had in High School. We dated for a while but then he moved. Over the course of the next 13 years, we both got married and divorced. We foulnd each other again a few years ago and I'm trying to think of the perfect wedding song about our life. Any suggestions for wedding songs about finding your first love again?
  8. Gorgeous dress!!! You look amazing!
  9. Hey SusieQ....since you've been to GS, any comments on the hair/makeup they do there? I'm skeptical about someone new doing my hair and makeup, especially since it's my wedding day and I'll have these pics forever to remind me. I just don't want to look like a clown you know?
  10. italigirl

    Newbie just learning

    Thanks everyone!!! This forum is AMAZING!
  11. For everyone who is still looking for Travel mugs I just checked the XS Cargo website and found them the cheapest here! Stainless Steel insulated travel mug for $3.99 each. For an alternative (which I may do) they also have those stainless steel water/drink bottles for $1.88 each!!! All you have to do is print your own monogram on clear labels and stick them on. That way your guests can peel it off when they get home if they don't want the monogram on there for good! Hope this helps! The site even tells you how much each location has in stock so you don't waste time going there and they don't have them in.
  12. I haven't been in touch with the WC yet. I just got my date confirmed on Friday and now my TA is away for the next week so I guess it will be next week that I work out all those details. Do the hotels have different colours to chose from for chair bows? I really wanted orange but don't know if they can. Also do they use the stardanrd white as my dress is ivory and will look yuck next to the white. SusieQ, what wall hooks don't leave a mark? Where did you get them? I was just going to bring thumb tacks but that sounds better. Never thought of bringing candles....thats a good idea to put on the ledge (i love candles). I'm still deciding what to do for OOT bags. Was going to get Canvas bags and make an iron on of our monogram to put on it. Thought these would be great since most grocery stores make you bring your own bags now. I also wanted to do a travel mug with lid for drinks around the hotel and for people to bring home and enjoy too. I was thinking of just doing a clear plastic label on the mug that way it could be peeled off later.
  13. Has anyone ever had their hair and/or makeup done at the Grand Sirenis? I'm nervous having someone new do my hair and makeup, especially for my wedding. Just curious if I should have someone hired to come in and do it.
  14. Thanks SusieQ. We're really excited about going! My FI's son who is 8 and my cousins kids ages 2, 7 and 9 will be coming too!!! I'm going to pack some cheapie dollarstore shower curtains for me and my guests to cover the hole in the wall.....it's a bit wierd but the rooms do look gorgeous!