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  1. msglave - that is the same candle color centerpiece i was told is the standard that manilla color one, not the orange one. I hope the manilla one is correct.. also - does anyone know how they set up the cocktail tables? i know its a mix of tall and short tables but how do they decorate it? or do they put anything at all on these tables? thanks!
  2. Yes, use Samuel Luna! He is just as great as Del Sol but half the price. tell him i referred you! Flash Portfolio | Top Mexico Photographers | Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer Samuel Luna Adriana Erazo
  3. Here is the information for the lounge furniture, i forgot to mention they charge a $75 delivery fee. Jennifer Smith Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery Akumal, Q.Roo bartley_smith@msn.com She is a wedding coordinator but also does rental furniture, you can google Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery - its also a restaurant... Pricing starts at $175 per set and delivery will be on top of that. they can also have made pillows in your colors- pillows will range from$15-30 depending on sizing and fabric.they also offer rentals and complete wedding coordination 1 set are 2 sofas, 2 ottomans y 1 table you can seat about 8-12 people depending on size of people and how you are using them. Delivery would be $75 usd. We can also have pillows made in your colors. Pillows range from $15-40 depending on size and material. let her know I referred you! =)
  4. ladies- I am using an outside comany for my lounge furnture but i do have to pay $100 vendor fee for this. The reason i am using an outside company and not the royals furniture is because I didnt like the furniture that they use, its like two long sofas... the company i am using is charging $175 per set which includes a table, two ottomans and two sofas... this way its more of a lounge feel rather than two long couches. If anyone wants there information let me know and i'll send it.. it turned out to be cheaper even with the fee to use this outside company. Adriana
  5. soo.. when i was there in August for my site visit, michelle told me my bridesmaids and groomsmen can come to the room when i get ready and she said i just need to give her the names and she will take care of it. Of course, it seems we are getting different answers but i will be pissed if that is not correct. All of them are staying at either The Gran or The Real Resort so they better not have to pay anything to come in and help me get ready and my groom!! Jesmcan - I'm having Fernando come to do my hair and makeup and i just had to pay the Vendor fee because the day pass only gets them access to the Resort and not into your room. Thats why u have to pay the vendor fee so they can go in your room.. sucks!
  6. aerazo

    Hair and make-up artist??

    NaM - Your makeup looks beautiful and yuor beautiful to begin with! he didn't have to do much lol quick question about the hair - Did they wash your hair and blow dry it the day of the wedding or did you have to do that prior to their visit? thanks!
  7. My wedding is on April 23 and i Booked DJ ivan gomez directly back in May 2009. I just had to pay my final balance and i had to pay the vendor fee for him because Angie said I didn't book him thru the resort =(
  8. We just ordered the couture cake, does anyone know if these melt? Will they keep this cake outside for all guests to see ? or do they bring it out the last min. righ before you are to cut the cake? Our wedding is a month away! 73 people booked and confirmed! can't wait!
  9. aerazo

    Hair and make-up artist??

    BUt what about paying him the balance? is this something you pay in cash on the day of the trial in mexico or are you supposed to pay him all before you meet? Thanks!
  10. aerazo

    Hair and make-up artist??

    Hi Ladies, i just finished giving Fernando my deposit (yay!) Does anyone know when you are supposed to pay the remaining balance? on the wedding day or do you have to send it prior? Also, did any of you recieve any sort of contract from him? Thanks, Adriana
  11. That is so strange your TA said April is a rainy month. I did tons of research and found that April is their driest month with the least amount of rainfall, even less than what rains in Feb & March. That is the reason why i booked in April. O well, i pray for no rain! =)
  12. Fellow brides getting married in April - Does anyone know if its humid in PLaya in April? or has anyone been there at that time of the year ? I want to wear my hair down on my wedding day more than anything, but i have curly hair and if its humid, i will have a big fro! =( Thanks! Adriana
  13. HI Ladies, i am sorry to ask this again but can anyone send me the wedding checklist please? Many thanks, Adriana erazo_adriana@yahoo.com
  14. Does anyone have the checklist they can send to me please: erazo_adriana@yahoo.com. i don't think i ever got this and my wedding is next month! thanks! yes i have been working with Angie at the US offices but still waiting on my questions answered! I emailed her again twice yesterday so hope she responds, if not, I will call them next week on the day my final balance is due and demand some answers! lol