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  1. I’m back from our wedding on 11/11/11! The wedding was amazing, no complaints at all! Everything went just as previous brides have described, so I am just going to add a few things that I ran into during the wedding and our stay that people might find helpful! If you bring one cd with music for the ceremony and reception, make sure to have someone get it back after the ceremony. We forgot to grab it, so later at the gazebo for dancing, our music was missing. Luckily the dj got ahold of Chandlyn (who had left for the day) and someone from the resort brought the music out to us! Big bonus points since it had a few must hear songs of ours on it that the dj did not have! If I had it to do over, I would of made 2 separate discs to avoid this… Dancing at the gazebo was perfect! We did pay for the dj and bartender and didn’t regret it either. The bar is too far away to go and get drinks during your dancing time… The dj did a good job. He had a hook up and played stuff right off our phones, cd and an ipod. Worked out well for us so we didn’t need to worry about getting things set up. So glad my husband tried this, since everything I read on here made me think it wasn’t possible and I had told him not to bother…! MONEY TALKS!!! We tipped the dj and bartender at the gazebo and ended up with an extra hour of time. Yes, we stayed at the gazebo until 11:30pm (we were scheduled 8:30-10:30)! I don’t know if it just wasn’t the dj’s night to work at the disco or what. We went to the disco straight from there and it was open, and someone else was playing. I didn’t care, I was so thrilled it worked that it didn’t matter! Money seems to talk everywhere… ! We had several of our guests that went every night to a sit down restaurant. They found slipping the guy at the door $10 would get them in early if they had reservations, or just in period if they didn’t have reservations there to begin with! I don’t know if this was just bc the resort wasn’t full when we were there, or if it will always work. It would be worth trying in my opinion though, we liked all the places we ate (buffet got boring). The only place we didn’t go was Don Pablo, so I’m not sure about that. We also tipped our housekeeper daily. We never once ran out of towels or wash clothes. Our fridge was always full of water and beer as requested, and the room was really clean! (Actually she went so far as to get us a case of beer for the guys to take with them on their fishing trip!) A few others complained they did not receive the same service, but, they had also not tipped. I know some people don’t like too since it’s ‘all inclusive’, but we found here it really made a difference and was worth it to us personally. We handed out survival kits as gifts… If I had it to do again, I would of added more pepto to them. Between the trip down (picking up the flu), food and alcohol we had around ¼ of our group eating them like candy and looking for more! We also gave out cups which were really the big hit! They were nice not only for drinking since the cups are tiny there, but they held your table, and it helped everyone know who was part of the group… Really nice since the place is huge and we had people that didn’t know each other! Get the room safe. It’s worth the money for the peace of mind. We had one room that did not use it and their phones and $40 in cash were stolen (nothing else). It was the only incident among our group of 45. Overall security was great, and we felt safe the whole time. That was really the only negative thing we had happen the whole time there... I really would not change anything from our wedding and our choice to go to GBP! We couldn’t be happier with how the day turned out, or the rest of our stay for that matter! Everyone was super friendly and made sure you had a fabulous time! A big thank you to all the previous brides and all the info I got from them over the past year! I don’t know how much I will be on here to answer questions about the rest of our experience, but hopefully this info will help all you future brides!
  2. Does anyone have a contact email for the spa? I wanted to check on appointment times and prices, but haven't been able to find one for them... Any help would be great!!!
  3. Opps...forgot to add the quote the first time....HA! YES, I will be there! Will you be?
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    Post 151!!! Ready to start seeing everything!!!
  5. They look so good...and thanks for all the great tips! They will come in so handy once I start mine!
  6. Those are soooo cute! Can't wait to see the rest of your DIY projects...just guessing you will have more!!
  7. What a great idea...I hadn't even thought about just using a photo book so you can slide pages in! Super!
  8. What a great idea!!! Question though...is everyone giving them out before going, taking them down in their luggage, or shipping directly to the resort?? Seems like they might be hard to get there if you have more then a 10 couples or so...any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
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