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  1. This is the response from my wedding Co - ordinator regarding access to the Royal for Gran Caribe guests!! Hope you find it useful! In regards to the access at THE ROYAL, the only way would be to upgrade to one of the suites with access to THE ROYAL (Master Suites or Presidential) or buy a day pass at THE ROYAL. You can obtain the upgrade at the Front Desk (if available) with a probably better rate than if you ask for it in advance (they have daily promotions) and the day passes are the following fixed rates: THE ROYAL CANCUN Day Pass: a. From 9 a 5 pm $85 USD per person b. From 12 a 5:00 pm $65 USD per person c. From 9 am a 11:00 pm $ 145 USD per person
  2. Will l u now what costs are involved with the day pass, i'm waiting on a reply from our wedding co-ordinator regarding this!! What date do you guys marry?
  3. Four adults from our party are staying in the gran caribe while the rest of us stay in the Royal. Does anyone know if the guests at the caribe will be allowed into the Royal at an extra cost during our stay???
  4. Hey all Myself and Melissa are getting married Oct 22nd at the gazeebo between the royal and gran caribe. Anyone else getting married around this time?? Would like to hear you planning storys!! Not many men on here poting so lets get the ball rolling!!! Anyone hired private transport from the airport via Cancun shuttle?? Scott!
  5. Hi there, we are also getting married at the gran caribe on October 22nd and staying at the royal. Good to see more couples from the uk on the site!! How's your preparations going??
  6. Hi ladies, We have recently booked up to get married at the royal cancan which will be held on the 22nd of October 12. Before hand we carried out a lot of research before booking and a common theme was poor communication between travel agent and the couple to marry. We booked our holiday to cancun with first choice and booked the actual wedding with the hotel directly. Once we paid a small deposit we were appointed with our on site WC who we have had great communications with. This way we cut out the middle man as sometimes I only think that these travel agents only care about your money and not about your requirements for your big date!!! Scott
  7. We have hired La Luna for our Octobr wedding at the Royal. La Luna are Del Sol's sister company who offer a more affordable option but still provide a high quality service. You can also check out there web page!!
  8. Hi again! Thanks soo much for your reply! Your pictures are gorgeous! Cant stop looking at them! Did you go for the basic package and add on the extras when you got there? Also I am doing the wedding through there website but I cant see any options to choose the reception? Did you have to choose these things through email correspondance running up to the wedding? did they class where your reception was held as private or semi-private? Also for your evening reception did you have a DJ or the ipod option? what time did you have to end the reception at? Also did you have a photographer from outside or use the hotel one? xxxxx
  9. Hi KathyW Hope you are well? Im a neewbie top the forum and have totally loved hearing everyones stories! We are hoping to get married at the Royal in Oct 2012 - just trying to get all the details straight in our heads before we take the plunge as we are from Scotland we cannot make a site visit Just read your review and had a look at your pics and they are AMAZING!!!!!!! We are staying at the Royal and want a gazebo wedding and a private reception! We are having around 20 ppl there! would you recommend doing the Gazebo then the reception area in front of it at the Gran Caribe? Did you feel it was pretty private? what time was the reception allowed to go on until? Also the majority of the ppl in my party are fussy eaters - did you get to pick your own menu before of was all that when you get there?? Sorry for the million questions - its just so nice to hear from someone who has done it first hand. xxxxx
  10. People are getting pretty excited now eh. We have got another year and a half to wait as we are waiting for the prices to come out for Oct 2012 (the royal cancun). Would like to know what people are doing when they get back to the UK, reception/ party ideas???????? We are finding that its gona cost us another £2500 just to have a night reception with buffet and band/dj for the night!!!!! regards
  11. We are also getting married in the royal in Oct 2012 and are looking to book with La Luna also. Do you have a pricelist from them that you could pass on??? Many thanks!
  12. Im sure that the following applies to everyone as long as they are single and have not been married before (so no need for you to take your birth certs):- IF BRIDE AND GROOM ARE SINGLE The wedding couple and their witnesses must to be at the hotel in Cancun two complete business days (Monday-Saturday) before the wedding date, to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all documents and wedding details. PASSPORTS TOURIST CARDS provided by customs upon arrival at Cancun International Airport (Be careful to write your name exactly as it is on the passport when requested). BLOOD TESTS & MEDICAL CERTIFICATES (to determine blood type RH, HIV and RPR for venereal deceases) must be done at your hotel in Mexico. If the HIV or RPRtest results are positive it is not possible to get married in Mexico. TheCost is $170.00 usd per couple. WITNESSES: you will need four witnesses, older than 18yr old, with their passports and tourist cards. They have to be here two complete business days (Monday-Friday) before the wedding date to meet the wedding coordinator.
  13. Has annyone taken out the Caribbean Professional photo package with the Royal?? This includes the following 120 pictures combined sizes as follow: 100 prints 4†x 6†size & 20 prints 6†x 8†size. One large size handmade wedding photo album with exclusive design. 4 hours of service (continuous time, no breaks allowed). Cost: $1149 Would like to see who they use for this package and some slideshows of the type of photo's they actualy take???? k,klfkfkldoskokkdvvmkmvfkmi lklk;jjj hhhjhWoulfff
  14. It does look lovely in the pictures and is exactly what we are looking for as it seems alot more private than some of the other options in the packages. It seems very hard to track down that these options are even available as an option - the website doesnt seem to have much information. sorry for the million questions! do you know if the gazebo and having the reception at the villas allow for kids to attend as we know that the royal is an adult only resort? when did you find out all your options of where you could have the actual wedding and reception? was it after you had agreeded to book the Royal? Thanks again for your help xx
  15. Thanks for the reply! The villas look like a great option! was that something that you choose when you got there with the wedding planner or was it all agreed in advance? Also did anyone in your party stay in the Grand Caribe Villas for you to be able to hold your reception at them? xxx
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