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  1. Sorry that last post was in reply to ChipmunkRN x
  2. Hi ladies nice to see some more UK brides on here, well i fly out on monday so im sure i will have lots of info for you when i get back. Get the questions ready so i can answer them all for you
  3. hi my wedding is 2 days before yours and i dont have anything confirmed either. I originally had Beatriz but when she rang me realised she wasnt actually my WC after weeks of emails and she said that Ivis was, I have never actually heard anything from Ivis?? so email after email to Beatriz who was forwarding them to Ivis I got an email from Joannis saying she is now my WC. She rang me last week to let me know nothing is confirmed and she will see what she can do? As im from the UK she said she cant do any salon bookings for me I have to do them direct which im still awaiting replies from??? Onestly booking a DW has been a nightmare! MP will most defo be hearing my thoughts on all this when we arrive!!
  4. Hi ladies, im new one here and getting Married at the Moon Palace on March 22, not long now. Im from the uk and seem to have had no help at all, other than one lady one here that has sent me some documents. Ive spent days sat here reading all your posts and wow you guys are great, a lady called Beatriz started emailing me and told me to get together what I want and she would ring me to talk about it, she rang me two nights ago only to tell me that she is not my WC and a lady called Ivis is. Now im worried since I have nothing confirmed other than the date and seeing that none of you get any response from Ivis im clueless what to do, do any of you have a contact email for Ivis so I can attempt to sort this? Thanks again for all you posts on this thread they have helped me so much xx
  5. Hi natalie, yes u did send me the pdf, a great help thanks! im in the middle of trying to confirm about what i need to do with my documents? I have had both our birth certificates certified but im not sure what i need to do with my partners change of name document? my ta is sayig i need to get a solicitor to sign it and this can cost a bit, so im trying to confirm this?? have u done anything with your documents yet? I have a 14 month old little girl who doesnt sleep or give me 5 minutes peace so i need to get a babysitter for the day and sit and look through everything to decide what i want. would be lovely if you get change to post some pictures, thanks again for your help xx
  6. Hi Natalie, I have been emailing Beatriz think im going for the same gazebo as you, it looks lovely and my heels are very high to, funny enough im marrying a scouser who happens to be over a foot taller than me so high heels are a must! im not sure about flowers, can i decide on them when i arrive or did she suggest ordering them before going? A lot of my party have booked seperately so i dont know if i will qualify for a cocktail hour as its not a group booking Im getting married at 4 and not sure what times to book hair for what times have you gone for? have u chosen your music yet? xx p.s thank you so so much for all your help xx
  7. Hi, i have finally had a response from my TA. I went straight to see them the other day and they contacted Thomas Cook who originally said I wouldnt get a WC until i arrived, but this morning ive been emailed with and email address for Beatriz Santana, so i will now be contacting her. Im getting worried now as its not long and i have nothing booked at the moon palace the only thing i know is that i get married on the 22nd March. Thank you for your email natalie it helped lots, I will let you know how i get on. xx
  8. Hi natalie wow that was helpful! I have booked with an independent TA but its through thomas cook, i keep asking about a WC and they keep telling me nothing actually get sorted until i arrive at MP, obviously now ive read ur reply i know this is not correct. After writing this i will be going to the TA to get this sorted as like you said i dont have long at all! The TA have sent my documents off to be translated this cost me £96.00 for both mine and my partners birth certificates and a chenge of name certificate for my partner. You sound like you have lots sorted and planned, i would be very gratefull if you could email me some files, my enail address is zoeh86@hotmail.co.uk i will add a response once i get back from the TA, thanks you so much for your reply xx
  9. Hi im new on here and in need of some help. Im getting married in Moon Place in March but my travel agents dont seem to be much help with anything???? Hoping to find some brides on here who can give me some assitance, would appreciate any feedback xx