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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! For many different reasons, my fiance and I decided against a wedding party.. (We didn't want anyone feeling forced to come.. Didn't feel like having a whole bunch of people stand up there on the beach with us- LOL) In the end, my sister will be my maid of honor and thats it.. We personally want a more intimate feel to the wedding ceremony and I feel like with no wedding party there will be more focus on us.. In the end, do what you wish! Don't feel obligated to have a wedding party because you think it is expected.. The best things about destination w
  2. LOL thanks Jenna:) Our ceremony will take place at The Royal on the beach.. Cocktail hour will be by a gazebo, close to our reception.. And our reception will also take place at Villas Terrace! I wish we could get married inside the chapel.. I tried even though neither of us are Catholic=/ Are you going for a site visit? We will be going in August.. SO EXCITED to tour both hotels and do our food tasting.. And ask about centerpieces and all that.. If you need me to take any pics of anything let me know!
  3. Great stories ladies! April 22 is our dating anniversary date.. Since that day is so special to us, we can't imagine getting married on any other day!! Our wedding day, April 22, 2012 will be our seven year anniversary:)
  4. Congrats Sara!! Wow 11 years.. I thought six years of dating was long.. ~ Welcome to the site.. You will absolutely become addicted! Happy planning!
  5. Jen, your wedding is two days before mine!! I will def be taking a peak:) So, please don't think there is some kind of stalker trying to crash.. LOL Happy planning!!
  6. thanks futuremrstgun!! My noob status just changed today to junior member:)~
  7. Bari Jay has some beautiful dresses! Very flowy beach options.. Considering one of these for my dresses
  8. woohoo!! only fitting that this is post 150. Attachments and templates here I come!
  9. Glad I found this thread.. Getting married at Royal in Cancun, but the menus are the same.. I posted asking for any menu suggestions too.. I will be going down for my site visit this August and I will def post what I thought!!
  10. Ahh don't kill me but I love the second pair.. I mean both are so beautiful that you can't go wrong, but I'm leaning toward second! ps. I love your dress. It's gorgeous
  11. Great job Jen!! I have bookmarked your post for when I start my OOT bags:)
  12. My fiance and I met at my sisters birthday in March 2004.. We were both with other people and didn't even speak, much less acknowledge each other.. I know how unromantic LOL.. That summer I saw him again at a friends summer house.. He was single.. I was in a bad relationship that was in the final stages.. I spent the weekend thinking about him and how much he made me smile.. Nothing happened!! I'm a good girl. Then in March 2005, we found ourselves at my sisters birthday.. Both single.. We were playing pool and about to leave when I couldn't find my pink puffy jacket.. I looked acr
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