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  1. Hi All, We are looking for a nice white short sleeved linen shirt and tan/khaki linen pants. Something that'll ship quickly as we're starting to run out of time. Looking for a website we can order from. Let me know! Thanks, S
  2. I found she was pushy when trying to get me to book with her and when I told her that I decided to handle things myself she basically told me "good luck with that because you're going to need it." This post just solidifies that I made the right call. I ended up booking a planner down at my destination that has been amazing and found a good local travel agent to book my flights.
  3. I ordered a cheaper one from Dressilyme. It's on it's way to me as we speak Couldn't bear the thought of trashing my gorgeous Alvina Valenta gown!
  4. Hey All Thanks for all the kind words, I'm beyond happy about the dress! Can't wait to see it in person. @ Nikadawn - I haven't receive the dress in person yet (being shipped soon). I can let you know the fit once I receive it @ beachbum21 - It was around $150 plus shipping, so a steal in my opinion!
  5. Hi All, I made the decision that I just can't trash my beautiful Alvina Valenta lace gown. I had tried on this Romona Keveza dress and loved it but it wasn't quite 100% what I wanted for the wedding day but if I was going to have two dresses, I would have wanted this one. I decided to order it from dressilyme and i'm soooooo thrilled with the results. It'll be shipping soon. WHAT DO YOU THINK?? :-) Inspiration Dress: MY Dressilyme (keep in mind I'm NOT a size 0 LOL) I think it looks awesome! (The strap/sleeve on the side can be pulled down, they moved it up for the picture) I'm so excited! :-)
  6. I booked with Misha Earle for my March 2012 wedding. Can't speak for my pictures yet but she's been amazing to work with by email and very responsive. She has amazing pictures on her website
  7. Hi All, I really need the advice! Don't pay attention to the weird "cut" and "paste" on the 2nd picture. ***** FOR BOTH OF THEM I WOULD HAVE THEM MADE SMALLER - ABOUT 4" ****** My Dress: *** I ordered it in Ivory with champagne silk satin underneath the satin, the one pictured (I believe) is white **** Earrings: Hair Flower #1 This but smaller and with champagne & ivory rhinestones in the middle I would also get it smaller (this is about 6", I'd have it done around 4") Hair Flower #2 (Don't pay attention to the weird cut & paste) It would be smaller though, about 4" total (the one pictured is about 6") Thanks Ladies, I'm pretty torn between the two. Stacey
  8. Thanks everyone for helping me make a decision. I ended up going with #1. They're on their way in the mail as we speak Here are the earrings: The Dress:
  9. Hi Ladies, I'm trying to decide what color Tutu to use for my flower girls (3 of them). Here are my wedding colors/ flower inspirations. There will just be a little more green in them than what's in these pics. I haven't decided what the MOH is wearing yet. We are only having one person in the wedding party so we are just going to shop this summer for a dress to match the flower theme. Flower/ Event Colors: TUTUS: (Left is Pink, Right is Peach) Thanks Ladies
  10. Just realized mine didn't show up properly in the pics! Here's mine )) Picture doesn't do it justice. I ordered it in Ivory with Champagne silk satin underlay so the lace really stands out. I'm IN LOVE with it.
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