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  1. Thank you everyone. I'm working on a quick Save The Date Postcard now, so people can have the travel information in the back ready before I design my invite.
  2. Here are some of the wedding invitations I have made in the past. And now I'm going to make one for my furture wedding in Riviera Maya. It will be fun! Chinese Invite I made for my cousin Feb 2011 I thought I was going to have a Chinese Wedding in NYC locally so I made this before the DW in Mexico. Inside of the invite, flowers was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator Winter wedding invite in New York City I hope you enjoy these photos Via SW Graphic
  3. Thanks, I did and surprised not many shows up. I did message them but no response back yet. Sarah
  4. Any Grand Velas Riviera Maya Brides in this forum? I'm new would love to chat up and see how was your experience. Thank you. Sarah SW Graphic Blog
  5. Hi Vicky, 6 years is long too. I met mien when I was 17 year old. lol How's you're wedding plan going? I'm still so new to this DW planning thing. what's next after we book the date and room block? hah btw I'm form NYC too. Sarah
  6. Thank you guys, first time there, I hope so! I have been seeing your portfolio everywhere. Your photos are amaizng!
  7. Thank you to mzthan6, passionsarcasm, JayKay!
  8. To Moment that matter, Thank you so much. I love your portfolio!
  9. Hi Sharon, Thank you so much! Congrat to you too. We're both May bride now. So how are you planning going? Did you send out a Save The Date yet? I wanted to get marry at Excellence, but My younger sister is only 16 now. You're resort is so beautiful. Sarah
  10. Thank you so much. I was just at Jamaica this past April. Where in Jamaica did you get marry at? Sarah
  11. Thank you so much. How about you? Where are you getting marry at?
  12. Thank you so much. How about you? Where are you getting marry at?
  13. Hi Tennyt1, Thank you so much. Where did you get marry in Jamaica? I was just there this April too. Jamaica is so beautiful. Sarah
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