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  1. Dreams is about a 30-40 minute cab ride from the Marina. The only hotel I have stayed at in the marina is the Marriott, which is beautiful. I would highly recommend it!
  2. We're using Patricia Romo from Vallarta Incredible Weddings & Events to plan our legal ceremony. So far she has been great to work with, and very quick to respond to any questions I have.
  3. We are getting legally married in Vallarta, so we're not doing anything here before we leave. That's a good idea, to do something small with just them before the reception starts. Thanks! It's not something I particularly want to do- just trying to do something to keep the family happy..
  4. Hi everyone! We are having an AHR about a month after the wedding for everyone who can't make it out to Mexico. It's going to be pretty formal, a sit down dinner at a nice hall. My dad is quite upset that my grandparents (his parents) won't be coming to the wedding in Mexico, so he has asked me to do some sort of a short ceremony at the AHR. Has anyone ever done this or seen it done?? I'm picturing something of 5-10 minutes maybe? My fiance does not want to do it at all, but I think it would be very meaningful for my grandparents. Help!
  5. Hi everybody! I'm just wondering if anyone has used Flowers To Go Vallarta? I am thinking about booking them as their prices seem very reasonable. Thanks!
  6. We have our RSVP on our website. We`re sending out our invites in a few days, as soon as we get everyone`s addresses. So we`ll see how that goes..
  7. We are working with them only for our civil ceremony. They are doing everything for us, it's really great. They aren't doing anything else for us, but I can say that they've been very prompt in returning our emails and they've been very easy to work with, and very helpful.
  8. We booked Eva Sicas (www.photoshootsvallarta.com). Her prices are very reasonable IMO and she seems great/very easy to work with and we only needed to give her a $100USD deposit to hold our date. They have package deals starting at $1500USD or you can create your own package, which is what I think we're going to do. 4 hours of photography is $650USD, 6 hours is $850. They have "a la carte" items, like prints, canvases, albums, etc. I'm excited to work with her, her pictures look beautiful. Hope this helps!
  9. thank you!! we are getting married at the Sheraton as we have stayed there a few times before and know what we're getting. (and that's where we got engaged!) we didn't have any problems going to our favourite restaurants, and i didn't notice any closures. as far as i know, the closures are during the summer (july-sept). good luck in planning your wedding! PV is our absolute favourite city
  10. thank you! this definitely helps. just to get a ballpark figure.
  11. I'm getting married May 20, 2011 !!! Just2Sweet- we haven't even booked any airfare for our trip yet.. We go to PV every year (in May, the "shoulder season"- which November would be considered to be as well) and usually book a few months before. Our TA said that the schedules aren't finalized yet for May, so it might be a little while before the November schedules are out.
  12. Thanks for the words of encouragement ! sxc- we booked the Sheraton Buganvilias. I'm in school for the year with a really heavy course load.. so a lot of the planning is going to fall on my fiance! but it looks like the website is going to be helping TONS!
  13. Has anyone had a civil/legal ceremony in PV? We have decided that for us, the best option is to do it legally in PV. I'm just wondering how much it costs? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys ! Has anyone had a wedding/know someone who had a wedding at the Sheraton in Puerto Vallarta? We've stayed there several times, and have seen a lot of weddings take place, but I've never spoken to anyone who's had a wedding there. We're booked for May 20, 2011. Thanks!!
  15. I am so glad that I found this thread! I have been feeling really guilty about our decision to have a DW. My family is NOT happy, and I am very close with them, so it makes the planning process so hard. I feel like I can't even talk to my parents anymore about the wedding plans.. But it DEFINITELY helps to see I'm not alone!
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