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  1. Thanks. I have searched for other posts about the church, but most seem to be from couples who are both Catholic. I will try contacting them anyway and see if they know the deal regarding marrying a Catholic and a non-Catholic. Or I could just call the church I suppose
  2. Hi ladies, I am starting to put together my budget for my June 2012 wedding and wanted to get an idea of some of the average costs for the following: - Bartender / buying enough booze for 75-100 guests (Is $2000 dollars too little or too much?) - Catering costs - Florist etc.. If anyone would be willing to share their budget - especially for those ladies who did a private venue (not an all inclusive hotel) that would be great since I am planning on a villa wedding. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am interested in getting married in Our Lady of Guadalupe church. My fiance is Catholic; I am not. I know at least here in the US, only one partner needs to be Catholic to marry in the church. I am not sure what the rules are in Mexico - I think they vary depending on the church. Does anyone know if it is OK if only one partner is Catholic or will they require baptismal certificates from both partners? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have been looking for a private villa to host my wedding fo about 75 guests. It seems that most have a 3 night minimum plus a 1 night event fee - so the total is turning out to be around $4000 minimum in low season! Does anyone know of any villas without that stipulation? That will let you have it for one or two nights only, or waive the event fee? I want to have an affordable wedding but am shocked that my $20,000 budget looks like it won't be enough at this rate!
  5. Thanks for your advice about Mar Weddings. Do they have a website or blog with pics of past weddings they have done? Thanks!
  6. Hello, everyone! I am new to this board but am happy to have found it. My fiance and I are planning to do our wedding in Puerto Vallarta, and although we haven't pinned down a date yet, it will probably be either February or June of 2012. My fiance is Mexican and I am from the US, so our guest list will be split - about half Mexican and half American. It should be a fun intercultural wedding. FI lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta for several years, and so he knows the area quite well which should be helpful as we plan. We know we want to rent a private villa and do the wedding there. My first question is this: do we need to hire a wedding coordinator? I believe the answer is yes, because obviously, we will not be there physically and it would help to have someone local and also someone to do the set up and coordination on the day of, so we do not have to stress about it. So, my second question is, who would be a good group to hire? I initially looked at the Dazzling Details because I love some of the pictures of their weddings on blogs, but from reading on this forum, they can be quite pricey (over $200 per head!?). Part of the reason we want to do a destination wedding is to keep costs down. Also, I would like to have some control over the process. Originally, when we thought about doing a local wedding, I had been planning to do a lot of DIY projects - menus, favors, programs, etc,..all those little details. I would still like to be able to do that, and have each guest bring whatever in their suitcase. Is there a coordinator that will be open to that, and maybe charge less? I just really need someone who could provide day of set up and coordination....I don't want to spend a ton of money or deal with someone who has preferred vendors. Since FI lived in Vallarta, he has quite a few connections that we would like to use. Also, it is my understanding that being in a villa we would have a private chef and I wonder if we could use him to cook as opposed to hiring an outside caterer. Has anyone else done a private villa wedding and who have you used as your coordinator? Or do you know of anyone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg and would be open to letting me to some DIY projects or pick my own vendors to keep costs down? Where I am from, you can hire Day of Coordinators who just bring everything together and usually charge a flat fee. That would be great I think but the wedding planners I have seen in Vallarta seem to do everrrrything (and charge accordingly!). Thanks for any advice..