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  1. I'm selling 12 bottles Pyramid Clear Glass Corked Bottles 7" tall... Ideal for unique save the dates, invitations or souvenirs for a destination wedding. Still in their box. I have to changed the location of my wedding to personal reasons and they are not relevant with the theme I have right now. If interested contact me at xweetgal@aol.com for more details.
  2. Thanks for the information... Yes we are having a blast and the WC at Majestic are so quick in answering questions... We are still decided the dinner and in the list of extras I thought i saw that a vendor pass was $90 no $300... Also during my research I have find that in Punta Cana there are a lot of good photographers so we are looking into this, we might just record the ceremony with personal camcorder...thanks for the information about wedo.com.do but after so much consideration we are just going to make it official here and do symbolic wedding over there, like you that money we save we are going to put it towards 2 hours private party in one of the places we can choose to have it. we are getting married here but we are not going to have a celebration so we decided to pay for those hours and includes the sound system, national drinks open bar and the place for me and my guests... so will see how this goes only 10 months to go i just can believe it...
  3. I know the feeling... but I have to come at peace with this issue.. My family will always complaint about every little thing about this wedding regardless whether is here at home or even in China... It's a special day in the lives of two people that love each other and they will understand that.. I'm pretty sure they will come around at the end when the idea sink in and understand this is what's important for us and what makes us happy.. Â
  4. I'm going through the same we are making it "legal" here in the states two months before our DW. People are starting to learn that's what we are planning to do and now I'm afraid that people will want to come to the "legal" ceremony and not wanting to go to our DW in 9/2011. But I was reading the thread I got a few good ideas and came up with some other on my own I might implement. Thanks girls, will see how this one goes. I will post my idea once I formulate the idea very well. Â
  5. I'm so relief that I'm not alone on this one. My DW will be in September 2011 in Punta Cana and ever since we put it out in the open there are some people that ask the same question over and over. Sometimes I feel like I'm presenting a business proposal and sometimes I feel angry because there are a few closed people that are taking my excitement away with their questioning. Sometimes I want it to really drop it and just forget about it but then I stop and tell myself I'm doing this for me, for him, for the both of us, not to please anybody else so if they want to stay behind and not come with us is fine by me who needs party poopers anyway.
  6. LOVE all the scripts... Now the big assignment for me is to translate into Spanish. 95% of my guests and family is their native language. I have been looking for versions of script weddings on the internet but the ones I have found here would definetely will work with our symbolic weddings. Thanks everyone for sharing.
  7. It's an awesome idea to give it as a gift on the day of the wedding. @heartbeat, I think I know who are you talking about too. She does a beautiful job. Thanks for posting the pic, now I know a made a good decision in getting her for my session.
  8. Hi ladies: Â I live in NJ now but originally from the Bronx. I will be getting married in Punta Cana, DR on 9/17/2011 at the Majestic Elegance. It seems so far away but every day that passed is one less day for showtime. So excited.
  9. Woww!!! That's the reaction I had when I try the Reese for the first time. My heart almost stop when I saw it on me. It looked beautiful in the magazine but it was more gorgeous in person. Hopefully will be getting my dress soon. I had a good deal too at my local bridal store. Now the quest is to find a version of the dress that I can do a TTD with it. I wouldn't want to TTD the original is so gorgeous. I have found websites that they make the dress for cheap ($199) but I'm afraid it just scam. I would love to have my TTD session with the Reese. Anybody has any ideas where can I get a cheap version of the dress? Â
  10. Here is the information. Hope everything goes well...  Sandra de la Cruz Majestic Resorts │ Wedding Coordinator Manager Tel. 809 221 9898│Fax 809 468 4995 Playa Arena Gorda │ Punta Cana - Bávaro │ Prov. La Altagracia │ República Dominicana Â
  11. Alexandra & Joan: September 17, 2011- Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
  12. Hi everybody: Â I just finish booking Majestic Elegance for my wedding to September 2011, I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time. Nervous because I don't know what to expect. Are there any brides-to-be o people who got married at Majestic Elegance and advise me what to do next after you book? Anything I need to look forward or not to look forward to? What is better just have the symbolic ceremony and get the semi-private dinner at any of the restaurant for up to 60 guests? Or buy a private reception package that has both food and dance? There are other extras and I have no clue what good be a good deal? Are there any TA that I can use based in NY that my guests can use to do their travel arrangements? Who do you recommend to take pics and videos in Punta Cana? Â Thank you.
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