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  1. Here are my beach ceremony shoes. I hope I can walk in the sand in them!
  2. mocha- that dress is gorgeous! It has a lot of interesting details. I hope they can pull it off. I ordered my dress from babyonline and was very happy with their work but my dress was a lot more simple. I thought they did do a nice job with the ruching though.
  3. I've ordered 2 dresses and a veil from DHGate and never had to pay any additional fees or charges with any of my orders- but I guess it could depend on what country you are in.
  4. I think there is a Chinese holiday coming up so most sellers will be away for a week. Not sure though.
  5. I've never heard of Chic concepts but I am using Mar weddings for my wedding in March. I've been happy with how the planning has gone so far.
  6. Today they have some Nicole Miller gowns and they also have deals on designer bridesmaids dresses, MOB dresses, tiaras, and bridal lingerie. I'm so addicted to ideeli!
  7. I'm having a villa wedding in March and am using Gaby from Marweddings. They are very reasonably priced (they charge a flat fee based on your number of guests) and willing to work within your budget. So far communication has been great and I'm happy with everything.
  8. My dress from Babyonline did have the elastic belt in it (and it's not even strapless).
  9. Hey, I'm doing my BD shoot in about a month and my photographer just e-mailed me some tips I thought I would share: 1. Dark colors look best 2. High cut panties are most flattering- boy shorts give the illusion of wider hips and shorter legs so best to avoid them unless you are tall and thin 3. Large rings and bracelets can be pretty 4. High heels are a must- the higher the better 5. Bring make-up for touch up (lipstick, powder, etc.) 6. If you have a body feature you want to accent, wear lingerie that allows that to be the focus (like panties with thigh highs and heels if you have great legs)
  10. Thanks girls! I e-mailed my WC and she said that it is the end of a long weekend (kind of like Labor Day or Memorial Day here) but my wedding isn't until 6pm so the beach will be dirty but not crowded. There was already a beach cleaning fee included in our budget- I guess I just didn't realize what it was for. So glad she's on top of things cuz obviously I'm not!
  11. I have the same situation. I was upset at first but I'm over it now. Just remember it's about the 2 of you and no one else.
  12. They've got dresses for $125 today! These are the two I saw- they are Sue Wong. I also saw a Davinci for $299 but only in a size 2.
  13. So my FI was just looking at a calendar at work that includes Mexican holidays on it and noticed that the day we are getting married is a holiday! It's Monday, March 21st which is apparently Benito Juarez' birthday- a famous president. No one has mentioned this to us including our WC so I'm hoping it's not going to be a big deal but we were hoping to get married on the beach (in Sayulita) and then have the reception at our villa but I'm wondering if the beach is going to be really packed because of the holiday. Does anyone know anything about this holiday? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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