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  1. No problem. You will meet with Carlos the day before for a rehearsal and you can tell him then that you will need him to call vans. It was no problem. We even had a guest that had too much to drink and Carlos took care of it(got a cab and sent him back) without us even knowing! (he didn't kick him out or anything - the guest did not want us to know and felt bad so carlos just handled it) I'd say my dress was medium heavy, I purposely did not get one with tons of crinolin underneath. It was all lace on the top layer, which kept getting snagged on the steps. I think wedges would be
  2. Hey Jessica! You will love it! We arranged for taxi vans the day before with our concierge at Dreams. Not sure where you are staying, but that seemed to be the most reasonable option. We looked into renting a bus, but it cost $400. We wanted everyone to travel together so no one got nervous about making it there. Each van held 8 people and the total was around $40 each way. The walk to the cliff for the ceremony is long! There are a lot of stairs, which im sure you are aware of. I wore heels, cause I was hell bent on it. It was a difficult walk! The walk to the beach for pi
  3. it is Le Kliff. I got married there in April. We LOVED it! My review is on the PV forum. If you have any questions, let me know. As for the food, I know I have read so-so reviews of it before, including on another review site, but I can say that for our wedding it was great. It is of course subjective, but we had many compliments about the food. And honestly, the setting alone could make up for any downfalls of the food in my opinion!
  4. We were at an all inclusive, so that helped me narrow it down. I found great bags at target for $2.50 each. I got just about everything else at the dollar stores. I bought makeup bags for the ladies that I filled with chapstick, pony tail holders, nail files, loufa, body wash, lotion, and my favorite, these great mirror/brush combo compacts from the travel section at target. We also put in a cigar and matches for the guys and a travel mug for each guest. We got spanish for dummies on sale for a $1 at office max. One of the things people really loved though was a last minute add on. We got lan
  5. I tried adding Le Kliff to the resort review area, but no luck. I wanted to give this info because when I was looking for information about Le Kliff, there was not a lot. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message. All in all, it was the best day of our lives! We began our planning for our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta in June of 2010. We had settled on Dreams PV and were set to go. However, we began to experiences a lot of problems with the wedding coordinators at Dreams about 1.5 months before our wedding. With very little time left, we began searching for a
  6. that was my issue. I had assumed that the prices at the time of deposit would be honored. Louise wanted emails stating prices that I was given - I did not have a lot because, as I said, I figured the prices at the time of deposit would be honored. After we canceled, Louise told me they were going to honor everything - unfortunately she never said that. My advice would be to get a contract ASAP.
  7. I have not been super active on this forum, but I couldn't wait to contribute to this thread! It is my favorite! Would do a million times again! Deciding on Puerto Vallarta after looking all over the Riviera Maya. It was more affordable for guests, not super hot this time of year, the mountains are amazing, and OH MAN the sunsets! Choose Dreams PV. The service was wonderful! All of our guests loved it Canceling our wedding at Dreams after too many issues with the WCs - 1.5 months before the wedding! Choose Le Kliff. Words will never explain how perfect and beautiful our ceremony an
  8. Hi everyone! We just returned from our wedding and honeymoon. Although we did not have our wedding at Dreams, I wanted to review our experience. I just posted my review of Dreams in the review section. If anyone has question, let me know!
  9. Kerrib - I just posted that on Facebook today! Then I wasted a few hours on that site. Some people are sooooo wierd!
  10. just wanted to bump this thread. We leave in 4 days and I was just thinking about this stuff! We will probably tip the DJ (if he does a good job), the waiters, and bartenders. Tips are included in the per person price, but for I like to tip for good service. We are getting married off of the resort. I don't understand tipping the videographer or officiant. It seems they should charge what they want to get paid. I will probably tip the photographer once we get photos. As far as our WC, we really paid her already for her services, but she has been very helpful, so we will probably tip a bit m
  11. thanks ladies! I decided to just get a manicure before I leave and then at Dreams. I have tried the axxium and it barely lasted 1.5 weeks. Of course, I am a nurse and wash my hands about 500 times a day! But I would assume that being the water a lot would do the same thing. I loved how it looked though. And it did ruin my nails - I got it for about 2 months straight, and let me tell you, my nails were NASTY at the end. I may look for the Shellac. I was worried about getting the OPI and then not being able to have it removed in mexico correctly. 6 days til we leave!!!
  12. So I leave in 8 days! I have a silly worry right now. My nails are not in the best shape - I had planned on really taking care of them, but nope, didn't happen. They are weak and break easily. I want to get a manicure and pedicure before I leave (I would get them done monday) and the wedding is saturday. I know I can get a manicure at Dreams, or in town, but I really don't want to. Did you ladies notice that your pre-trip mani/pedi lasted until the wedding? Should I just get acrylics? I hate them, but I don't want nasty nails!!
  13. I just wanted to post a review of this company. We ordered 5 groomsmen pants and two pairs for our dads. Everyone ordered theirs separately. We did have everyone add an inch to the waist and thighs, and inseam, based on suggestions from this thread. We ordered comfort fit in english beige. We asked to have the pants delivered by March 22. Most of the guys have received their pants and they are great! No problems and fast delivery. However, my father had problems with his measurements. He measured his "true waist" almost 10 inches larger than the pants he normally wears. Now I kn
  14. I had emails specifically asking if there was a charge to set up things we brought and was told no. Things change the the drop of a hat!
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