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    Have you exercised today?

    I exercise daily 15 minutes in the morning.
  2. I think you should wait for a week. Contact again if they will not reply so contact to other vendor.
  3. newlife

    Hi..... Friends... :)

    Hey welcome in the forum with great article.
  4. newlife

    tropical decorations

    Congratulations. Try to find in Google it self in more pages you will find surely.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 when i did research the resorts i looked at didnt allow sunday weddings but it had something to do with the judge (legal wedding). I really didn't get much info on it b/c we are doing a symbolic ceremony. if i were you i'd contact the resorts directly and be specific a/b which type of ceremony you want and go from there. Yes you should contact directly and ask them.
  6. Yes the site is good. I used it before.
  7. newlife

    Newbie from Jersey!

    Congratulations your plan is nice. Keep it up.
  8. newlife

    Newbie! Mayan Riviera

    Congratulations but I think you should call them.
  9. newlife

    Wedding Cartoon Animation

    It's a good idea you can start it.
  10. newlife

    New Here!

    Congratulations you will surely find all things here.
  11. newlife

    Has anyone worked with Pacific Aisles?

    I also never heard about it.
  12. You are panic it is obvious. Do not worry all arrangements will be done and you will surely enjoy your wedding.
  13. newlife

    Hello all :)

    Welcome and congratulations.