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  1. You're all so sweet! Thanks again! I used waterproof Lancome mascara, other than that it was just regular make-up.
  2. Thanks!! We didn't have Jonathan though... we had Juan as the assistant. Are you sure they were our photos? Unless Jonathan is the American name for Juan! Lol!
  3. If anyone is interested in seeing more of our Del Sol shots, here is the public link to my Facebook Album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150233720863348.326198.512003347&type=1&l=d9ec6c0f47 Sol was amazing at getting a variety of shots in just a few short hours!!
  4. Thanks!! OMG I am SO excited for you.... Del Sol was absolutely the best choice (aside from my choice of groom ) that we made for our wedding. I did my own make-up. I was a little worried, but thanks to Sol's amazing talent the make up really didn't matter too much!!
  5. Hi Val! Sorry for the late reply... I'm not opn here as much these days! Thanks for the compliment! I ordered them from Zappos.com. They have a ton of bridal shoes on there. I got the wedges because of the sand factor. I'm quite short so I didn't want to be overwhelmed by my dress so heels were a must. Even with the wedges, walking in the sand in my tight dress wasn't the easiest but I didn't have any near falls or anything like that. Definitely wouldn't go with stilettos if your cermony is on the beach - that would be a disaster, especially at Playa Azul where the sand is softer and deeper than the other beach locations. I hope this helps!
  6. Hey Avens! My bouquet was done by the resort and my bm's bouquets and the gm's bouts were done by Planner One. My huppah and chairs for the ceremony and lounge furniture for the reception was also from Planner One. Here is the link to our ceremony and reception proofs. I haven't weeded through them yet and there are a lot of them, but you'll definately get a sense of how things were set up. The are all out of order so keep scrolling through for more pics under the huppah. http://www.luckiephotography.com/blog/Proof/2011/Megan+Shawn/cr/ http://www.luckiephotography.com/blog/Proof/2011/Megan+Shawn/rc/
  7. Hi ladies! I was married at the Barcelo in April. I see that some of you are looking for some excursions. I really can't reccommend Paradise Catamarans enough www.paradisecatamarans.com . We took our crew out for an afternoon booze cruz, and it was definiately one of the highlights of the trip. They went totally above and beyond with a bunch of sweet suprises for us that we weren't expecting. The whole thing cost us less than 2K for 36 of us, and it was worth every penny! If spoiling your guests is in your budget I say do it! As for make-up I really contemplated going with Adrian but at the end of the day I decided to risk it and go with the hotel. I am SO glad I did! They use Mac at the hotel spa too and I was so happy with how it turned out... and it lasted all day! It wasn't without some challanges though, the first girl who tried to do my make-up was horrible but she could see I wasn't happy so she passed me off to another artist who was incredible. If you go with the spa at the resort bring pictures and don't be afraid to let them know if you arent happy. You can see my make-up in my albums below. I only just got my pictures in the last couple weeks and have gotten around to uploading my getting ready photos and the post ceremony photo session albums... I still have to upload the ceremony and reception albums. I will definately share the links to those when I get around to it, because I'm sure that's what you girls will want to see but in the meantime here are the links to first two albums: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150263112608348.334961.512003347&l=5b2f6cbe92&type=1 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150262541433348.334780.512003347&l=e66fd0ed73&type=1 This forum was invaluable to me when I was planning so I am more than happy to answer any questions if you have them! xo
  8. Ohhhh THAT is what happened! Facebook! haha. OK well can you guys please add me (if you'de like) Megan Kane and my profile photo is one of our ttd shots. I decided to follow up with the photog again today. He wrote back saying that he is working on our photos starting today and we should at least have the online link next week. Fingers Crossed!!!
  9. WOW! It sure has been quiet around here!! Was it something I said?? lol! I miss you ladies! As a side note it's now been over 3 months since our wedding and still no photos
  10. Awww thanks ladies!!! We love them! I can't wait until we are old and smelly so we can look back at them and talk about how we were babes once! lol!
  11. Hey April Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for a while! Laura I'm sorry to hear about your FIL going behind your back like that. Not fair at all. I just hope that whatever you choose to do with that money brings you happiness that will out last the bitterness towards your inlaws!! I need some advice from you girls. I just don't know what to do. My photog for the day of the wedding has been a complete dissapointment so far. It is now well over the two month limit outlined in our contract as the time in which we will get our photos. Originally I had asked him to have our photos ready for our AHR which obviously didn't happen. I just heard from a bride on another forum that he actually took 4 months to get her her photos, and she says he hardly edited any of them, just rushed through the whole thing!! So now I'm panicing. I am not willing to wait 4 months for our pics, but I'm afraid to rush him in case he just doesn't edit them!! This is such a nightmare. I was thinking that maybe I would write a review of him on here as 3 stars and put in there that I can't finish the review unitl I get my photos and that hopefully when I recieve our beautiful, well edited photos I will upgrade the rating. I know he checks this forum so I can keep it positive but let him know that I will be going public with my experience so he get me my pics fast and they better look good. Thoughts??? WHAT DO I DOOOOO????
  12. Lesee your set up was BEAUTIFUL! loved it!!! I liked the way you used the lanterns and displayed the pics! How easy was it to hang stuff on the tent? I made buntings that I want to attached to the garden tent the venue rented for us, but I'm hoping it's not a complete PITA. What type of string did you use to hang the pics on?
  13. Hey Girls! Mocha, you need to get it translated by an official government translator from what I understand. One more hoop to jump through! Laura I know it's daunting to have that list but honeslty it may not be as bad as you think. I was wigging out a few days ago about everything we had left to do. Hubby pitched in and now we are completely good to go, with 2 days to spare!! I'm borrowing our office projector as well. It's not like they are going to use it over the weekend anyway! Good call on the cake mix... I find it always turns out better anyway! Mmmmmmmm buttercream. We ordered cupcake minis from a gourmet cupcake place and it was really reasonable. We got 72 of them with custom frosting and little flower decorations for under $80! The Macrons were another story... for 48 of those suckers it will cost the same as all the cupcakes! Oh well. Lisa I will add you on FB too. Ivan is my photog and I specifically requested that he send me my photos in time for our AHR this weekend. No dice. Part of the reason I chose this date for our AHR is that I was sure I would have the photos by now. At least Del Sol was professional enough to get me my TTD photos, so I can display those.
  14. Hi Tori! No worries at all! It didn't trash it at all. I had it dry cleaned at the resort and it came out good as new. The seamstress steamed it before we left, it had to travel in an over head bin on the plane and made it to the resort unscathed. I didn't have it resteamed before the wedding or the ttd and it was fine! Is there any stores that carry both dresses on so you can see them one after the other? Or maybe you can take pics of you in each and flip them back and forth? The Mikela is lovely too, I can see why it's tough! Maybe post the pics of you in both on here and have other brides give their opinion or ask a family member? Here are a few more pics of the dress in action, maybe it will help? One thing I can say is that we got our wedding video this week and I absolutely loved the way the ruffles on the train blew in the breeze as I walked down the isle. Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.
  15. Our TTD was done by Del Sol, and they just blogged about it!!! Here are some teasers: The link to more pics is in my signature if anyone is interested!
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