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  1. Hi, I have just got married in Cancun and was advised by my wedding co-ordinator that we needed to get our wedding certificate apostilled to make it legal which could be done in Mexico or UK. I have searched the internet and cannot find where this can be done. I have tried calling the Mexican Embassy in UK but there is never any answer! Please can someone help, where has everyone else got their wedding certificate apostilled? Thanks
  2. Hi ladies, Sorry if you have already covered this!! But my WC advised to make our wedding in Cancun legal in UK we need to go to Chetumal which is 5 hours away??? Does anyone know about this & what we need to do?? Thanks!!!
  3. Has anyone been told who their onsite co-ordinator will be? I'm not getting married until 6th May and I asked m WC who mine was going to be as I was going to request Diana. Ive been told I have Diana - but has anyone else been told this as I am worried it will change when I get there & I will end up with Flora!
  4. Hi Kathy, My WC is Maritza, no-one else seems to have her! She offered straight away to honour what she had previously told me, luckily I didn't need to argue. Providing you have an email from your WC to confirm you don't have to pay an outside vendor fee if they stay at a Real resort I wouldn't worry about it. Although I am getting more worried the nearer it gets to my wedding!
  5. Hi Sofiavig, As far as I know if they are staying at the Gran Caribe you don't need to pay for a pass, you only need to pass this if they are not staying at a Real resort. In case you weren't aware if you have kids at a reception in The Royal Cancun you have to have a private reception, but you can have a semi-private reception at The Gran Caribe.
  6. Hi, I am using Juan Navarro for the photos, as I wasn't sure about the hotel's photographer and he has great reviews. I have also booked a room at Gran Caribe instead of paying the outside vendor fee. Just to let you know my WC has advised me they have changed their policies and if your photographer lives in Cancun you need to pay the outside vendor fee whether they are staying at the hotel or not. My WC has only let me off the vendor fee as I asked her months ago about it. So I would double check with your WC before you book your photographer!
  7. Hi, I am getting married in May 2011 and was also going to use the sound system for the reception, I am sure other reviews have stated the sound system was good. I haven't heard anything negative about it!
  8. Hi Ladies! Sorry if this has already been asked but I am stressing myself out! I am getting married in May in Mexico and I want to know what paperwork I need to bring with me to Mexico - I know the birth certificates need to be translated to Spainish - is there anything else and does anyone know how much this costs??? This is a first wedding for both of us. Also we booked our holiday through First Choice so are flying with Thomsons - does anyone know how they are going to transport their dress? I want to take it with me as hand luggage but I don't want to fold it up into a box!!!
  9. Hi, My WC is Maritza and she is quite good at emailing me back. Ivan Luckie is full on my day, I was looking at either Juan Navarro or La Luna - but I cant decide! Are you having a reception dinner? I am trying to decide on the menu but ideally I would like my guests to choose on the day rather than everyone eating the same thing! Keep me updated on how your plans are getting on!
  10. Hi, I am getting married there on 6th May 2011. How are you getting on with your plans? I am very undecided about using Funever for the photography, have you decided which photographer to use?
  11. Hi, Â I am getting married there in May 2011 and was originally having the Classic package but have now upgraded to the luxury package. We have about 34 guests and it worked out cheaper than adding the extras to the classic package. It included everything we was going to pay for like the couples massge and moonlit dinner for 2. I think it depends whether the luxury package includes items that you was going to add on as extras or not and how many guests are coming.
  12. From the pictures it appears close & I know the times they state are set. I was thinking of moving my wedding forward by half hour. I have still not had a reply from my WC which concerns me as she is usually good! Hopefully someone who has got married there will be able to answer for definite. But thank you both!
  13. Hi, Â I am getting married on 6th May 2011 at 4pm at The Royal Cancun gazebo but I have just seen a wedding video on trip advisor and it looks like one of the beach weddings is held right by the gazebo. Does anyone know if you can see this wedding when you are in the gazebo as I dont want to see someone elses wedding while I am getting married! Â I have emailed my WC but not sure if I can rely on them to tell me the truth! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am getting married on the 6th May 2011 & we are going for the Classic package & adding on the extras we want as there were a few things we didn't want on the other packages. I have been waiting over a week for the wedding co-ordinator to reply too! I have booked the gazebo & we are now looking at the reception, I was thinking of the beach but I am not sure what to do after the dinner - have you made any plans yet?
  15. Hi, I've bought my dress today too! I can't wait, but I still have not received my contract from Royal Cancun - is this normal We are getting married on 6th May 2011 & paid the deposit a couple of months ago
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