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  1. Hi Ladies!! 6 months ago i was introduced to Advocare by a family member and i have been hooked since day 1!!! I wish that i had know about this company before my wedding!! I started off on the 24 Day Challenge and lost a total of 8 inches and dropped one whole pant size! I felt amazing and was complemented by may people on how toned i looked. These products truley chamged my life and i cant imagine what my life would be now if i didnt have them!! I would never take anything that would harm my body, and with these products i know 100% that they are safe to use and will work. This challe
  2. You should def. do a 24 Day Challenge!!!! I guarantee that you will loss wieght adn inches and tone up!! mesage me ifyou want more info! I did it and lost 8 total inches, toned up and droped a pant size in only 24 days. I didnt starve myself and didnt work out because i didnt have any time and i still managed to loss weight and look amazing at out reception back home. you can alos check out the products at wwww.advocare.com/11078839
  3. I take Omegaplex (fish oil) and Coreplex (multivitamin) both of these vitamin suppluments are Advocare Products. I 100% recommendall of their vitamins and minerals. They also offer vitamins and suppluments specifially amied at women's health. If you want more info on the products email me susanam_19@hotmail.com or check out my website www.advocare.com/11078839
  4. Hey Ladies! Its tough to get the motivation to workout when your schedule is soooooo carzy but i have just the thing that will not only give you the motivation and energy to workout but also help you feel great!! I wish that i knew about this 6months ago before my wedding! Im not sure if you girls have heard of the company Advocare? I was introduced to this comapny and its products a month after my wedding and after trying the products i wish that i had known about it way before! The company is a supplument and vitamin company that helps with energy, weightloss, and nutrition!! I was skept
  5. Hey Ladies!! My wedding is 2 and half weeks away and im kinda freaking out beacuse i've read some reviews about the wedding coordinator not being so nice and tacking on fees. Can anyone tell me how their experience was?? Also, im really debating weither i want to have the personel at the spa do my hair. I'm very picky with my hair and i know exactly what i want but, dont really know how good these girls are!! Feedback please!! thanks soooooo much!
  6. have you sold the starfish yet? If so im very interested!
  7. Im looking for starfish that i can use to attach to the bows on the back of the chairs for the reception dinner! Does anyone have some i can buy from them or know where i can get some for a good deal?
  8. thanks girls!!! I'm having guest RSVP for both parties at one time! im working on our invitations right now, really excited to see how they turn out! Im planning on having cute wording for the desitination wedding but i also want to incorporate the cute wording into the at home reception< any ideas?
  9. Im starting to look for designs for our wedding inviations and i came across this website called Shutterstock images. The website has a ton of really awesome vector images that i would love to use for our invitations! The images aren't free, you have to subcribe to it, theres a package for 5images of any size for $49, which isnt bad. I tried to do some research on the website to make sure that it was a good deal. So, far i havent seen anything wrong with it. Does anyone know anything about this site? would you recommend to use it for invitations? If so, how exactly does it work? Once i do
  10. do you happen to know what size they are? I found the website but im not sure what size to get to put on the back of the chairs with the sashes!
  11. Thats exactly what i was planning on doing, having them RSVP for both at one time! That works better or me!
  12. Im getting married June 18th of next year and i have to order it this month if i want it to be here in time for alterations. I"ll get teh dress mid april.
  13. I just ordered my STD and im now starting to look at invitation ideas. I did the passports for the STD and i want to do the boarding passes for the inviations. My dilemma is the following: i want to make my own boaarding passes but i had my STD custom made so they won't have the same theme/design........ Is it tacky if they dont match?? I would try to get the similar desings but in the end they desigs wont be the same!
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