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  1. I used La Luna - Jonathon this month at my wedding at the Royal and they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! They ran around like mad men capturing every single moment!!!!! loved, loved, loved them!!! i should get my pictures back in 4 weeks or so and will post them. I highly recommend them
  2. I am selling my size 10 ivory Adorae in April. I live in San Diego, CA
  3. Jaclyn, I am very unhappy with the menu as well. I chose two options but I didnt like the fact that you couldnt mix-match each entree with garnish, soup, dessert etc...The only reason I decided to just deal with it is because I have never read a bad review about any of their food. I am hoping it all is as good as everyone says.
  4. Congrats! I am getting married at The Royal as well and I chose La Luna! The photos the Royal provides just was not my 'style". I am also curious about the spa there as far as hairstyle goes. I think I am going to play it safe and do my own makeup. Let me know if you find any good referrals Andrea
  5. Brysbride2be - the dress came in Friday after 4 mos and it is prettier than I remember! I left it at the bridal store so that nothing happens to it. I wear a normal clothing size 6 but ordered a 10 only because I have DD chest and you can tighten the corset. Since it is a corset I am thinking I will probably not have to make any alterations to the dress except for the length. Since it is a 10 if you do or do not lose any weight it will fit you i will definitely let you know when I am done with it and if you are still interested Congrats!
  6. Congrats! i am also getting married at The Royal on April 2. We too are having trouble with "blocks" of rooms and we were also let to believe our rates were locked in but just found out they ARE NOT. I've been annoyed with the process but dont know what to do from here except hope for the best!
  7. I finally decided to use La Luna. I absolutely loved the pics from Del Sol but I couldnt afford them so when I found out they had another company called La Luna I checked out their work and loved it! Their prices are in my budget so we booked! You should look at their portfolios on their website http://lalunaphotography.com/
  8. When will she need the dress? Mine is a size 8 and i will be selling it after my wedding April 2, 2011.
  9. Matt, you had responded to my post and mentioned the other wedding that is booked at the Royal April 2nd. She actually emailed me and we thought it was pretty funny we had the same plans and will have receptions on the beach at the same time! Looking forward to meeting Jonathon!
  10. Kiwicorreo that is so crazy we have the exact same plans!!!! What are the odds of that! So i guess you are using Melissa at La Luna? My fiance picked Jonathon. We are so excited. Congrats to you and I am guessing we will prob see each others receptions on the beach! Hope everything turns out well for you. We will be staying at the Royal Thurs-Tues. Good luck with everything as well!
  11. I'm very excited! I decided to spend the majority if my budget om my dress and the photographer.
  12. I booked my Cancun wedding with La Luna April 2, 2011 at The Royal. Can't wait to see the pics
  13. When will you need the dress? I will be selling mine in April. It's a size 8 Ivory. Â Thanks, Â Andrea
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