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  1. Thank you! I got concerned when a previous poster was told only travelers checks or cash was allowed. =)
  2. Were you able to use a credit card for this balance owed?
  3. thank you sxcT! My fiance is 6'1" and I'm only 5'1", so the heels will help a lot to not be too mismatched at the alter! =)
  4. I finally bought my wedding shoes! I LOVE them. My bridesmaids will be wearing gold shoes to go with their brown dresses. So i figured i'd match them! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=30435445
  5. Go to alibaba.com and I ordered the fabric luggage tags and Jessiee was so helpful. The only thing is that many of the have minimum orders of 100 orders. The price though is great especially for customization! here is what it would look like on fabric, the logo on mine is the same as my picture on this page. and it's brown with aqua trim. http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/302129554/Luggage_Tag.html
  6. Hello Ladies, So i found out about the chairs and unfortunately they are charging what i think is a very steep price. Those chairs in their website photos are $20 a chair to rent... =( Well, i wil be just using the chairs already provided. As for the photographer, I am also using Michael Weiler, i am not choosing the resort photog as i think their prices are ridiculous plus you have to pay more if you want reception photos. Michael Weiler will be taking video and pictures for my ceremony all the way to the end of my reception. His prices and pictures were all a great package. I also read their "new" policy about not charging for the photographers day/night pass. So i think that is now the new rule, which is great!
  7. Hi Melissa! Welcome to the forum!! You will find EVERYTHING on this site! I have found it extremely useful, so do a search on all your questions and you will find a million threads. Even one on the question you posed below on the resort photog. I am getting married on November 5th! =) So I'll see you there! Ska Ska
  8. OMG, i also just saw the new pics on the website and I LOVE the new chairs that they got and the lanterns. I also emailed my WC to see if those are available and also if there is a cost. As well as for the lanterns. I'm so excited as i really didn't want to use the chair covers or bows, especially the rate they were charging for each bow! How exciting, if i hear back soon, i'll post her comments/costs if any! http://www.dreamsresorts.com/drepc/plan-your-wedding.html
  9. Hi Jen! Glad things are going smoothly and time sure is flying by! I here you about you feel like you just got engaged! I feel the same way. As for the vase, i reached out to a friend that is a wedding coordinator there in Punta Cana who may be able to rent the vases to you so that you don't have to lug them. If she gets back to me, i will send you her info so you guys can communicate directly. Hope she can help to spare you the trouble of bringing it with you and/or purchasing them! =) Ska Ska
  10. Hello Brides! This page has gotten really quiet, i hope all the planning is going well and keeping you busy! I'm still working on finalzing the details (like flowers, OOT Bags, Tent Cards, Table numbers etc...) I bough our luggage tags from a wholesaler in China! I'm so excited as they are personalized with our wedding logo and so much fun. We are going to mail them as a teaser gift 2 months from the date of the wedding to all guests who are coming. I also finally picked out the bridesmaid dresses and now need to find shoes for me! Unfortunately 2 folks in our wedding party are expecting, so they won't be able to make the wedding.... so now I'm down to 4 Bridesmaids, oh well. Anyway, would love to hear how everyone else's planning is going! The video streaming would be really cool since lots of folks can't make the wedding! I wish they had that available. I'm know you can get wi-fi for a daily/weekly rate, but not sure how the quality will be for streaming. Hope you figure something out ksugirl!
  11. Yes, they are all booking on their own, we are just keeping on top of vacation packages that we find and inform the ones who haven't booked yet. As for the 6th room free, not sure what that is. I get a free upgrade with my wedding package..... Can you tell me more abut the 6th room free? Thanks
  12. i booked my trip online through american airlines vacation packages. It was reasonably priced.
  13. Last year, when we were trying to see what prices would be, we ended up looking up pries for our wedding in like January/Feb for the November 2010 date and looked each month to see what the fluctuation would be. The prices did fluctuate and the prices were cheap up until 2 months of the November date. So i am going to assume that this will happen again this year. However, with all that's going on in Libya, the gas prices are going up, which means so will airline flights. So we already booked our vacation package last week for our wedding in November.
  14. Thank you for smtc for your update! Congratulations on your nuptials! Other than the rain, all in all is sounded like you had a great time! Can't wait to see your pictures!
  15. Getting married on 11/5/11 at Dreams Punta Cana! Can't wait.
  16. I wanted a destination wedding, so we figured the Caribbean would be perfect, not too far for travelers. As for choosing DR, we originally were looking at Costa Rica, but then after doing research there, it was pretty complicated to get married in the rainforest as our guests would have had to charter a flight from Santiago or drive many hours to our resort. Then after consideration, we also have family living in South America and Europe who would be coming, but they would have had to apply for visas to go to Mexico/Puerto Rico.... Also I figured those countries were too common of a destination, wanted something different. We've visited DR many times and loved it, we also knew very few of our family/friends have been there, so this would be perfect, plus our families don't need to get visas since it isn't part of the US. So it worked out in the end and it's easier for everyone.
  17. You girls should totally go to the Dreams Punta Cana Bride, like Farlem mentioned above, all this info is there and the other brides there are very nice, we exchange info daily! =)
  18. Thanks DR Bride. I would love to see the ppt and be reminded of the colors they have. i am thinking of the teal bows and maybe an accent for the table or bringing table runners from here.
  19. Hey there, I am not doing group booking only because what i have found is that you need a certain amount of folks on the same flight going and coming. So most of my friends are coming form all over and all on different dates and airports. So i just posted on our website all the different online places to book vacation packages along with quotes we saw when we researched. I think this is easy enough. To Soon To Be: If they were my invites, i would definitely redo it. They were free right, so I guess you won't have to pay too much to get them redone To Shelly: I actually am thinking of bringing my own as $5.00 per bow is expensive when i'm going to need 120. (60 for ceremony and then 60 again for the reception) I can't imagine spending $600 on bows when online you can get them for SUPER Cheap, I'm talking $1 or less per bow. Couple things I'm torn about is 1) that if i do bring them, will they weigh a ton....with all these new restrictions on luggage amount/weight, i don't want to pay extra for luggage. 2) If i bring them with me, will i have to steam all 120 of them???? I can't imagine them not being wrinkled... I can probably see what the resort will charge to steam them, but i definitely don't want to be stuck in a room steaming bows. (Maybe like the organza material won't wrinkle?). I also asked the resort if I brought my own would they charge a set up fee and i was told no...so thank goodness for that.
  20. This cake was actually one of the cakes Dreams made. I think it's really nice, yet simple and i could use my colors for the ribbons...... (I hope the image linked)
  21. That is sooo nice of you! Thanks so much, I will totally friend you to see the pictures. I went to visit the resort last year prior to finalizing the wedding plans and when I got home, i had wished that I had taken more pictures of the terrace and stuff. Just to be able to better visualize it. Thanks again for sharing, this will totally help me out more! Especially if youahve some of the cetnerpieces. I have not seen any pictures of ones that brides have used from the resort, most of the brides here have been creative and put theirs together themselves, unfortunatley I'm not a great DIY person! =(
  22. Hey Carey, Deyanira told me that we could only make appointments up to 1 month out. So I would make an appointment now via e-mail or call them just in case, you don't want to risk not having a time for your hair/make-up.
  23. Hey All, I just saw a post on FB that the cost of the judge went up from $300 to $540!! I hope this doesn't affect those already booked!!
  24. The flower centerpieces are $100 per centerpiece and you are only getting flowers and a vase. If you have a centerpiece in mind, send your wedding coordinator your sample and she can then get a quote from the vendor she is using. This is what I was told when i asked Deyanira. I am in the process of figuring out what flowers i want and them I'm thinking of going to a local florist and having them done through them then through the resort. It may be cheaper, but not sure yet as I haven't searched for prices.
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