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  1. Hi everyone, My sister in law to be is planning her destination wedding in Costa Rica, and when I got married in Punta Cana last year these forums were a life saver. So I thought I'd check and see on her behalf if anyone has gotten married at the Pacifico Beach Club, where she has been talking to the wedding planner. We just wanted to compare some prices as they seem a bit high. We will be staying at the Riu Guanacaste but having both the ceremony and reception at the Pacifico. Thank you!!
  2. Venus - I don't know for sure but I'm fairly confident she has paper lanterns in the colours you need... I didn't even ask for them and she asked me the day before if I wanted them - she had them in my colours (purple and orange).... so at least I know 100% that she has orange. I'm pretty sure she has tons of decorations. As for the tables, I only really figured that out the day before as well. I had differnt numbers of people at different tables and really wanted the square tables - but they only really look right with 8 people. Some tables I had 6 people, others 7, others 8. We decided
  3. Just so you know, not that it helps much, she has 28 weddings in May!!!
  4. Real flowers will be beautiful!! Just a bit more money, that's all. Nothing to worry about I'm sure!
  5. My flowers were real touch - everyone that looks at my pictures is shocked about it, and yes, we saved a lot of money. I found out that in the Dominican they have to import all their flowers from Colombia or Holland so that's why it's so expensive...
  6. PS Please do not share the pictures, not that I can think of why you would... thought I'd mention it since there's lots of people in the pictures that haven't okay-ed me sharing them!!!!
  7. Ok... I wrote my review and it is LONG! Enjoy, if you get through it Meeting We met with Mayte the day before our wedding. She went over all the details I had sent her over the year and confirmed everything from seating plan to décor requests to music list. I asked all the questions I could think of and gave her all the decorations I had – my fans, balloons, blow-up instruments, sand ceremony things, guest book. She had her bartender prepare several fruity drinks so we could pick a welcome cocktail, and they were all great. She suggested drinks that matched our wedding colours and
  8. Hi ladies, I'm back The wedding was amazing, loved every minute of it. I know you all have questions so feel free to ask, but the first few days back at work are going to be a nightmare so I'll do my best to answer but give me a few days to write the review
  9. My forecast calls for thundershowers EVERY day this week, lol... I sure hope that doesn't come true!!!!!!
  10. AHH That's amazing, have a fantastic week, enjoy every moment of it! We'll have to catch up when we get back!!
  11. MM/DD/YY AquaCait ~ 5/9/12 cnd29 ~ 6/24/2012 Venus909 - 6/29/2012 LonaJ~ 10.19.12 Mimiq 21/11/12 lala32 ~ 12/14/12 CFK2013 - 2/7/13 Lande8 (Leslie) - 2/8/13 AshTooner~ 02/20/13 cinnagirl ~ 5/28/13 astef ~ 4/23/12 mine is so close, ahh!!!
  12. Pretty much the same! Little things to do, though it seems like a lot... and my bachelorette party is in two weeks - same situation, no idea what is planned for me! I finally got everything for my OOT bags and put it all together... I'm still really lost as to how I'm going to pack it all!!! A bit nervous about that! I'm going to send Mayte my song list very soon, it's almost done... still have to finalize my hair and makeup... buy gifts for the ring boys... and pick stuff up! Ahh 3 weeks today before we leave
  13. Hi ladies! We all have just a few weeks to go!! How's it going?!?
  14. I'm glad this got bumped, I was starting to miss it There definitely are a lot of great resorts. I have been to Majestic Colonial and loved it! I'm having my wedding at the Jellyfish but staying at the Melia Caribe which is next door. I haven't been but have heard many great things and it's also very kid-friendly for the families with young ones! Still no one for my tip question?? I really have no idea who to tip and how much!!
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