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  1. Thanks Jesmcan! I agree, I think the bars should be open until at least 2am. I was nervous because I was told my reception has to end by 10pm, but at least we'll have someplace to go until midnight.
  2. Hi Ladies! I am almost ready to book my wedding at the Gran Porto Real and am trying to get through this whole thread! Does anyone know if there is a resort bar with music/dancing that stays open late at the Gran? I love having 5th Ave right there with all of the nightlife, but don't want our guests to have to pay more money to go out when they already paid for an all-inclusive. I read about the 24-hour sports bar, but I don't think that's the atmosphere we're looking for. D those that went down for a site visit or past brides have any insight?
  3. I love your wedding band! I think I want something simple like that, too. Great idea for the escort cards!
  4. Hi ladies, I wanted to share a website I recently found. It's the Environmental Working Group, EWG's 2010 Sunscreen Guide and it rates sunscreens. I was shocked to find out that my normal sunscreen has a "caution" rating. It appears that the highest rated brands can be ordered online, but Whole Foods should carry the Jason brand, which scored well.
  5. Karen, you did such a great job in planning! I'm sure I will be referring to this thread a lot! Love the clutches for the BMs. Best wishes!
  6. I'm still trying to pick a resort, but this one is on my list because of the proximity to town. Dolfinluck, I'm looking forward to your review!
  7. This is a great thread! I'm a redhead so tanning for me will never happen, but I may try the Dove Energy Glow - thanks mnh! As for sunscreens and sunblocks, ingredients and reapplication are the most important. Like Tropical Imaging said, Zinc Oxide is a sun "block," so it doesn't absorb into the skin. The same is true for titanium dioxide. Keep in mind, most sun "screens" need to be absorbed into the skin before they will work, so you need to apply about 20 minutes before going into the sun. In the past, I have used Banana Boat for kids, but I may try to look for Blue Lizard. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Hi Tinkertoy, I originally wanted to get married in Costa Rica, but after looking at the price of flights, we decided that we didn’t want to ask our guests to pay that much. You may have better rates flying out of Texas. I understand what you mean by artificial. Costa Rica looks absolutely beautiful and I've heard wonderful things from my friends who have been. We decided on the Riviera Maya for our wedding, since I think most of our guests would prefer the all-inclusive setting. Lost of things to think about! Costa Rica is now on my list for future vacations! Good luck!
  9. Hi ladies, I'm pretty new to the site and have been lurking around for awhile - trying to find the perfect resort! For those who have had their wedding or have stayed at Princess, how far is Playa del Carmen from the resort? I'm thinking of having our wedding offsite downtown Playa and shuttling our guests.
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Kengie and I got engaged about a month ago. I've never been one for a traditional wedding, so I was very happy when my fiance said he was onboard with a DW. No date set yet, but we're thinking March 2011 in Costa Rica. I am feeling a little overwhelmed since neither of us has been there and I'm trying to wrap my head around everything. I read great things about the TA's and have already submitted a request. I'm excited to start the planning and feel that this site will be a great resource!
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