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  1. Hi, Sorry but the only informations I got is those picture and what is already on their website. I send Angela many emails and I dont get any anwser...:S (except this first one with the picture she send me)
  2. Wow, your dress is really beautiful!
  3. Hi, we are thinking having our wedding at compass point too and we are also interesting in renting the Stone's trow away B & B. If you dont mind I will like if you can send me infos that you have about buy out of the B & B, musician and dj fees and any other infos that you judge worthed. Thank you so much in advance. Caroline ( jellybeans88@msn.com)
  4. I found this band that I like for Steeldrum. they are in Cancun and from what I can see on a video that I found their email contact is: secretomaya@gmail.com , their phone number is: (984) 106 51 83. Their name is Socalypso. here is the link for more video: http://vimeo.com/dubcomander wish it help.
  5. Congrat on our wedding! I am also planning my wedding in the same area. I really love Le Rêve but I also find the Hacienda Corazon and Hacienda Del Mar. They are own by the same owner. You don't have to rent all the room but you still get the exclusivity went you are renting. (the room that you are not renting are lock up). Check out their website it is really worthed: haciendacorazon.com
  6. Hello everyone I am looking for a bakery or cake artist that can make French Macarons (also call parisian macarons) for my wedding reception in May 2013. Thank you!
  7. I will like if you have informations that you can send me about la hacienda La Esperanza. My email is : jellybeans88@msn.com. I would like to know how many people can stay there ? His the rental by day or weekly? If you judge anything useful for a wedding over there, I will be happy to have them, this place look REALLY AMAZING!!! Thanks!
  8. Hi, do you have the website for this hacienda. Also, how far is it from the beach? Thanks
  9. I love all the details you did in your wedding. I am als planning getting in a hacienda by the sea in mexico (Hacienda Corazon and Hacienda Del Mar). Thanks for posting your are giving me lots of inspiration. Love your mayan ceremony!!!!
  10. Hi, girls I would like to know if there is any other future bride that are planning a wedding for 2013? what have you done so far? I am getting married spring 2013 and so far I got lots of inspiration from this website, I contact resorts and photographers. But I did not but anything or sign anything so far. Can not wait to know you. I am so exited with all the wedding planning and process!!
  11. Hi, just want to know if you have files that you could send me about food, private events, flowers, decor or any others item that you think is useful. Thanks a lot Caroline (jellybeans88@msn.com)
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