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  1. I am wondering if anyone can recommend Costa Rica wedding photographers. Thank you!
  2. I really appreciate all the information everyone is providing. It will definitely be useful! Thanks again!
  3. The guests are already paying for their food and beverage. And then the bride and groom are charged on top of that for food and beverage for the wedding day?
  4. Yes, she got back to me and has been very helpful! Thanks all!
  5. I have emailed twice and called once. I haven't heard back. That's why I was asking here. Thanks, anyway.
  6. Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of what Ceiba is charging for guest rooms? I know it varies depending on time of year but would appreciate any information.
  7. Yes! All of those places look amazing! I will definitely get in touch with Melissa! I really appreciate you taking the time to write and provide your suggestions. : )
  8. Thanks... Funny.. I have been eyeing that place - Le Reve. Looks amazing and has great reviews! My only problem with the place is that they don't allow children unless the entire place is rented out. Can't imagine my wedding without my nephew and niece. I don't know that I will have enough guests to rent out the entire place but I'm definitely going to look into it. Thanks again!
  9. Oops, guess I should have mentioned that I would like to have my wedding in Riviera Maya, Tulum area.
  10. I am beginning to plan my destination wedding and am certain of 3 things: 1) I will need a wedding coordinator 2) I want a small intimate venue - maybe a villa or two or possibly a boutique hotel (something colorful) 3) Del Sol photography has the most amazing photos! I would love any suggestions for venues and coordinators! Thanks!
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