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  1. In case anyone is still looking, I used Baja Weddings and I was very pleased with them! They were prompt and very helpful...our wedding was a complete dream!
  2. We had our rehearsal dinner at Mi Casa and had a great time. the food and service were both fantastic. Plus it's a really fun atmosphere. They worked it out so our guests had a choice of beer, water, or Sangria...it worked perfectly and everyone enjoyed it!
  3. those last minute people drive me nuts! I need answers!
  4. We'll be there from Feb 10-Feb 22! I can't wait! Are you getting so excited? so far we have 27 confirmed, a few we're still wondering on. RSVPs are due this weekend. It still hasn't totally hit me yet!
  5. yes, I think between 6 and 630....make sure to bring a wrap to keep warm after the sun goes down. how long will you guys be in Cabo? and how is your planning going? only about 6 months now!
  6. I know! we are getting married at Fiesta Americana. I think our wedding will be around 5pm? How about you?
  7. thanks for a great review! we are having our wedding at FA also, just like you on the whales terrace! What did you think of the food? we were pretty excited after looking over the menu. I would love to hear more about your experience there specifically and any other advice you might have!
  8. We are also getting married in February! Same day as you, Ichimiyuki, February 18th. Everyone is reallly looking forward to heading to Cabo in the dead of winter. I am anticipating that the nights will be cooler, but looking forward to sunny days!
  9. We were really hoping for a villa wedding, but like Donielle mentioned, it was hard to work it in the budget. To find a villa that would accommodate us and hold our wedding was proving to be impossible! With the help of our coordinator we decided on Fiesta Americana, its much more in our budget...good luck. We've also used the site Cabo Villas...they have some beautiful homes!
  10. tinalv, Baja Weddings bases their prices on the size of your wedding party and their total involvement in the planning.
  11. We just booked Jenny from Baja. I have found her to be very helpful and organized! She answers all my questions
  12. I am also considering using Karla, I sent her an email and I got a very fast phone call!
  13. Hi! sounds like we're in the same boat! Our plan is Cabo 2011 and we're thinking of a villa wedding.
  14. alpear

    New Cabo Bride!

    Hi everyone! Me and my husband-to-be are planning a Feb 2011 wedding in Cabo! We are hoping to have a villa wedding....any advice?
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