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  1. good morning people earlier this morning i received a call from a friend inviting me up to attend a beach wedding of her cousin Kate ...it is happening on the 3rd Saturday of July...and while I am afraid to travel to Thailand nowadays (red shirts), I can't let this event pass me by (ok ok I've never been to a luxurious beach wedding, please understand the desperation) now, if I may ask, is it now safe to travel to Thailand?...the event will take place on a resort called Saboey, if I'm not mistaken it's this place and it's in koh samui? how far away is this place from the riots? they all will come from bangkok to saboey, but is there an airport in this area so I don't have to meet them up at Bangkok anymore? Thank You Very Much lurve, Belle
  2. he should be Tiger Woods the golfer to his fans, thats it.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Janet THanks Tammy and Nicole. THis is going to be my project for next month (fun fun) all the best!
  4. just last night, hubby asked me if i wanted to "marry him again" , this time a church wedding . while i find it very sweet, i just don't have the luxury of time to undergo the wedding preparation and hassle (again) he insisted that church weddings are more romantic that beach weddings, oh we got married on Saboey, a Thailand beach wedding spot... I definitely find the beach more romantic than church. Religion plays an important part our lives and relationship too but for me, it doesn't matter where the place is for as long as we invite HIM, He is still present in the whole holy matrimony process.
  5. wow, first of all, it had a lot of surprises, there were lots of funny scenes i kept laughing all the time "which doesn't usually happens". i would rate it 4/5 stars! "am just picky don't mind the rating"
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SASSYGIRL I got my FI's ring at costco (of all places) it is platnum with about 7 small diamonds in it - the cost was $1700 but it is really nice and he loved it. I know you can get rings that are A LOT less but if you want diamonds in it expect to pay more. your little angle is so adorable
  7. hello Lisa, you may want to consider Dreams Huatulco cos there is no fee for the use of their wedding coordinators....
  8. I heard it's a popular place for weddings. Brady Dillsworth's wedding took place on the same are Letchworth State Park Wedding Photography | Rochester Wedding and Editorial Photography
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Kt Ellis Sorry some of these are so big, I've been trying to make them smaller but photobucket changed everything around on me. I love how simple and realistic your concept is. By merely looking I can feel how deeply inlove you are with each other.
  10. hi all I'm Belle Jacobs and Im a fresh meat in your community. I'm here to learn not only about weddings but life after weddings. I just got married last December in Saboey, a beach hotel in Thailand. A beach wedding is unforgettably magical. Mine was themed Weddings Koh Samui and truly meaningful and oh tears tears... The beach setting left us all starry-eyed.
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