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  1. I'm getting excited too! We're in the same boat, some people book last minute
  2. p.s. We'll be there for one week (14-21) you?
  3. Plans are nearly complete, everyone is looking forward to the trip . We have 36 booked + us. How have you been doing?
  4. Hi everyone! Hoping you can give me some advice, I can't ask my guests b/c this was supposed to be a surprise. We are doing oot bags for our February 2011 wedding but there has been a change to our Toronto guests schedule. Instead of everyone arriving on Monday there are going to be a handful of guests that arrive before us on the Saturday We had reviewed all possible solutions to arrive 2 days earlier to greet them but it's going to cost over $2,000 and our travel agent is unsure the resort will even know which room they'll be in prior to check-in. Would it be weird to arrange to have the oot bags to their rooms after we arrive I.e. 2 days late? 'Better late than never' or 'never late'...which is better???
  5. Our song is Somebody like you by Keith Urban but we find it's not slow enough to dance to and it's a bit long. We aren't having traditional wedding music for the ceremony, playing songs by Keith Urban instead! Wedding party and I walk down the isle to one of his songs too
  6. Beautiful! Are the chair bows/ table napkins sand colored or light gold?
  7. Souvenir themed favors are a great idea. We will have little glass jars filled with Cabo sand and store bought seashells for guests to take and on the way out we're offering,mini bride dress and groom suit candy bags, will go to the Walmart there and buy some Hershey kisses. Having labels personalized for the bottoms.
  8. We aren't having a welcome dinner either.
  9. This resort is so beautiful (visited 2 years ago so I imagine they have more of it complete)
  10. We are having a symbolic wedding in Cabo...to us that will be our 'wedding day' and we will use that day as our anniversary
  11. We're renting the terrace 'til 11pm, ask the WC for a pricing list for extras( DJ charges by the hour) I am under the impression they cut you off at 11. We plan to go to the disco or to a club after that.
  12. Love the colors! On the plates is that a menu the resort provided or something you made yourself?
  13. Booked Suzanne Morel, she was very helpful, doing a trial for the engagement photo session ( completely changing my hair and make- up before she let's me leave she insists so no one sees your bridal hair before the big day) She also asked for a picture of me and a pic of my dress to offer her own suggestions.
  14. We have 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen for our February 2011 wedding. We got their input as to what they thought of style/colors but paid for all of their outfits . We waited 'til the end of the season when everything went on sale. We totally lucked out with helpful sales staff who offered to search for the sizes we needed nationwide and order whatever they didn't have in for us. Bought the dresses from BCBG ($100 ea), sandals ($50). The shirts & pants are from Tommy Bahama ($100) sandals ($50). We had used our 'Passport to Paradise' which saved us 20%. I find the style doesn't change much there but the colors are new every year. Everyone is responsible for their own alterations. I will be getting my bridesmaids earrings and a pashmina for the ceremony/reception, and paying for their hair-do. They will decide if they want to get their makeup done or do it themselves at the salon I booked. I will get them a small gift, not sure what yet. We've asked the groomsmen to wear a belt that matches their dark brown sandals. My fiance will be picking out a gift for each of them. I never used the stuff I had to buy for other weddings and I know being a part of a wedding can get expensive. We're not helping with the cost of the rooms or anything but wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone since this is a destination wedding. I would feel uncomfortable asking for everyone to pay for their outfits. I feel good about the choices we made and that we're getting everyone's outfits!
  15. Here's my dress: http://www.lasposa.info/bridal-dresses-photographies/madeira2011.html Getting married at the RIU Palace Los Cabos February 18, 2011. Less than 2 months away!!!
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