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  1. erinmc, we used the Sands Extravaganza and that was perfect for the size of our group. I still haven't gotten around to posting pictures on here yet probably because I can never figure out how to do it.I will try and get some up this week.
  2. Hi Laurelyn, I've been out of touch with the BDW site since our wedding at OB and am trying to catch up. So happy to hear that other brides are getting married there. You will not be disappointed. I had to comment to your post because I got married on March 14, 2011 and it was so amazing. Ada is actually quite great to work with.Yinette is her assistant. As well the resort is not that big walking wise, I'd say a 5 minute walk from one end ot the other. I have my review posted but feel free to ask any questions. I'll do my best to check in more often. I still need to post my pictures on this site. Good luck with everything!
  3. We were just married at Ocean Blue and Sands and we used DJ Mannia with the lighted dance floor and it was EXCELLENT. We and our guests had so much fun and our guests were surprised as they did not know anything about it. We met with them the day before the wedding and went through song selections for introductions, cake cutting ,etc. and other than that gave them a few songs in advance that we wanted to hear and let them take care of the rest. They were great and we had an added surprise when they gave out long balloons to everyone on the dance floor. They a were a hit. The dance floor was a last minute decision for us and we are so glad we did it. Everyone was dancing from start to finish and didn't want the party to stop.
  4. Everything looks great. Love the MOH tank tops and your guest book looks so special. Have a great wedding.Hope we are able to meet up
  5. Mine will be coming soon. Getting married in 11 days. Yahoo!!!
  6. I jsut sent you an email with the wedding packages and extras.
  7. Yes, you can use an outside photographer you just have to pay the $50 day pass. We are using HDC Photography.
  8. We have them booked for our wedding in Punta Cana at Ocean Sands and we booked them directly not through the resort. We are being charged $850 for 4 hours which would be $212.50 an hour.
  9. Has anyone heard from Yinette or Ada (if she's back) lately? I sent 2 emails last week and then again this week and have not heard back from them. Usually the response is quite quick. Understandably it is a very busy time for them but my wedding is in 2 weeks and I need to confirm some things with them.
  10. I bought myself and my bridesmaids foot jewellery for the ceremony and then we'll slip our sandals on afterwards.
  11. That dress is beautiful and looks great on you. My dress looked nothing like that on me until I had to go for fittings so I'd say keep the dress. I actually like the flower but also think your idea of removing it and adding abelt would look good as well. Either way the dress and the dress on you is amazing.
  12. Hi Diva, We are there until the 19th as well. Lunch at the Hard Rock sounds good. I had no idea they have one there. Let's plan something closer too and we'll PM each other our details and pick a date to meet up. I have no idea how to get around or where things are but we'll figure it out. what resort are you at? I'm still ordering and buying stuff for the OOT bags like pahminas and travel mugs and this weekend am going to try and get my table decorations all figured out and packed. I bought all the stuff but it's just thrown into a closet. One project a weekend. I'm also going for my first dress fitting this weekend. Yikes, this is starting to feel real.
  13. Is everyone starting to freak out like I am at how close March is getting? I'm trying to get my head around all of the things I still need to do.
  14. My fiance is also a huge fan of the movie so Ibought him the blue ray box set that come swith all kinds of extras. He will be so excited and I can't wait to watch it again.
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