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  1. Months later I can list tons of things I would have gone without or done differently. Octavio was still our best choice! Good luck with everything and enjoy. Mood Palace was amazing!
  2. Kristibear, thank you. I'd be happy to share my pictures with you. Two months after the fact, I finally got around to uploading them to snapfish last night. I have a little more to go, but plan to finish that tonight. I will inbox you the link once I'm finished. Good luck and hope you day is perfect!
  3. Kim, you just made me cry again! Everything turned out so beautiful. It's funny b/c I knew all of the details already, but seeing it all put together like that def made it more clear to me just how beautiful and perfect your wedding day was! I'm endlessly happy for you both. I'm so glad I met you through this process as well!
  4. Grand Terrace is beautiful! I absolutely loved it. It's hard to say what it would look like at night without the additional lighting. I tried looking through all my pictures to see just how much lighting is there without the lanterns. I know they have small lights at the base of the trees, a feel lamp posts and the bar area is lighted. I do remember thinking that it was quite dark even with the lanterns though. I just read your post about your car. I'm so sorry you are dealing with that extra stress. I don't want to add to it and advise you to spend more money. Are you arriving at least a few days before your wedding? If so, why don't you wait until you get there to decide. Go check out what it looks like there at night the first day you get there. If you decide it is too dark, I'm sure Deco will let you add the lanterns or maybe they will have a cheaper option. I also saw your post about the photography/video services. I'm sorry, I'm not help there either. I booked the video service in January. At that time, you were allowed to use your credits for most of the video/photography options. I was later told that the video services could not be paid for in this way, but they would honor it because I booked so long in advance. I know it's so stressful having these questions just weeks before your wedding, but believe me, the entire staff will do almost anything to accomadate you once you get there.
  5. I just received the video from our wedding yesterday. The quality isn't really all that great, but I would totally do it again anyway. It's so nice to have b/c there are so many things I already forgot about that were on the video. I was able to use my resort credit for it as well, so basically it was free. If I was paying for it, I'd probably just get the ceremony and not the extra hours.
  6. Thanks for all the nice comments and also for all of your help through this process! You girls have been wonderful!
  7. Not at all. It was $385 total. So that was $120 for mine, $55 each for my BM's and $15 each for 3 bags of petals for the runner.
  8. They are from Marvin. I tried to find a good close up pictures of them. This was the best I could do from the proofs: The BM's are daisies and mine are daisies and roses. Here are the pictures I choose these based on:
  9. JLR, I think it was Raquel that did both my hair and makeup at the Sunrise salon. I think they did a fabulous job on me and all of my bridesmaids and friends. I was really worried about how everything would turn out, but I couldn't have been happier! Coconoir, I loved the Grand Terrace! It was much more private than some of the other terrace with random people walking by. It can be very very windy at night too. I think being slightly off the beach helped shield up from some of that. After seeing them all, I think I the only terrace I would be tempted to pick over the Grand Terrace is the Caribbean Terrace. I really did love the Grand though. Mainguyen, I used the resort videographer b/c I was able to apply some of my resort credit toward it. I haven't received it yet so I can't comment on the quality. My deco contact was Katie. Her email address is katie@decocancun.com . Thank you. I think in such a beautiful space you really don't have to add much. I just wanted a lot of candles and dim light. I think you can get around the no outside vendor rule within reason. Plenty of girls use Marvin as the florist without any problems. Same goes for photographers with a day pass or a night stay. I'm not sure how easy it would have been to bring in a DJ or decoration company with lots of equipment though.
  10. Just posted my review girls. I had my absolute dream wedding. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/4597
  11. Kim, I just posted my review. I'm not sure what happened b/c I don't see it listed yet. I spent about two hours on it. Anyway, I'm so happy for you. I know you will have a great week and a beautiful wedding. Congrats in advance. Enjoy it and I can't wait to see your pictures!
  12. I never wound up using the babysitting service. I didn't know that there was one until I made a joke to the WC on the way to my ceremony. She tried to get it for me that night, but was told that it would take 3 hours to get someone there. Apparentely it is an outside service used by the resort that requires at least 2 - 3 hours notice. Kalena didn't know the exact price, but mentioned something like $15 per hour. They babysit in your room so they can put the kids to bed for you. I loved that and wish I had known before hand.
  13. kris10kay, I would def recommend him. He was wonderful. He was running all around capturing every angle. I will PM you the link to the pictures. I booked Octavio a room to avoid the hassle. No questions were asked. I think it's possible to get away with just getting a day pass, but I just wanted to avoid issues. Even with booking him a night stay, he wound up being much cheaper for what I got than using the resort photographer.
  14. The only thing I brought down with me was our favors, place card holders, place cards, table numbers and cake boxes. I bought a few sets of maracas at the gift shop just for some extra color. Marvin was fantastic. I think I paid $385 total for flowers for myself, 4 bridesmaids and 3 bags of petals for runner at the ceremony. He delivered them exactly on time. I was never asked where they came from. When Kalena came to my room, I just told her that I would use the free bouquet at the reception since my bms already took care of the flowers for me.
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