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  1. OMG! Thats horrible, can't believe they lost your dress! I get married this coming Saturday at Moon Palace! I'm supposed to give my dress to my coordinator when I meet with her, now I'm scared. What did they tell you? Please let me know. I hope they find your dress and best of luck!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Yay, I know... MONTHS!!!! Sorry I didn't get back to you so soon. I got back and posted my review, then had to go to work extra for the week before. Then my Papa died, and then I had to give my notice to work. So kind of a crazy two weeks since I've been back. Southernweetie, I responded to you on one of the threads (I just can't remember which one, so I might go find it and PM you). Also, It was hard to gage the sunset, because it was always cloudy except one day we were at dinner, and I got some great pics (we were at the Thai lounge). I took pics between 7:20 and 7:40 , and an internet site said about 7:30 for sunset. I put my reception at 7, if that helps. OH MY GOSH!!!! I Have a date twin finally MP1122!!!!! OMG!!! We are date twins!!! The Dreams is a great place to get married at! My FI and stayed at the Dreams last year and they put us in a room where we could see the wedding ceremonies off our balcony. It is an AMAZING location! I would of had mine there if they would offer a catholic cermony. I have pics on my facebook page send me a friend request if you wish to see them. Melissa_Perez13@hotmail.com
  3. Southern Sweetie, I'm getting married at the Moon Palace too, June 18, 2011!!! I already paid my deposit we are having a Catholic ceremony. Have they sent you the group rates? Lets share info!
  4. I just recieved my contract and found out the same thing today. We wanted to get married by the Catholic Church first in Cancun to have an intimate ceremony, then upon arrival in the United States get married by the civil and have a bigger reception. I sent an email asking them if this was a problem.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ashnic2005 I too will be having the fire dancers for our welcome dinner and they are charging me $450.00/15 minutes, 3 dancers w/DJ. My WC recommended that we have the dinner with the performers at the Terraza Mar, a new terrace on the Grand side. I have attached pictures of Terraza Mar, since you can't find this terrace anywhere else. I wanted to have Salsa Dancers for the Reception but she told me it was going to cost almost $1400 for 45 minutes. GEESH!! So I said no thank you. I might ask if they can come in for 15 minutes and find out what that cost is. We are also working with Zuniga on flower arrangements, plates, chairs, dance floor and decorations. And PSAV for LED lights, Audio and DJ. Let me know if you need what I was priced for. Our reception will be in the Jupiter Ballroom on the sunrise side. In regards to transportation, I just looked at my sheet and I was quoted $150.00 on transportation as well and the taxes are 11%. My GOODNESS that is a little high! Indy Chic, I can not open your attachment for reception locations. Can you send it again? Also for those brides that want to see reception rooms inside Do you know if you see the beach from terraza mar?
  6. It's weird I keep hearing a lot of negative stories about Gran Caribe... I was communicating with Julie (Michigan) and she was really quick to respond back to all my emails but it seems like the WC they have in Cancun are terrible. So did u decide having it at the Moon Palace?
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