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  1. Hi, Wow this is all good information and advice. I am looking into this resort for my wedding in January 2011. If all of you that are getting married in the next month or two could give a review about your experience, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope your specials days are wonderful!!!! I have no doubt they will be! Good luck. Sandy
  2. Wow. You have a great story. I am considering this resort for my wedding next year. Thanks for sharing your story and all the best for you and your husband. Sandy
  3. I am getting married in January of 2011. Everyones information was very helpful. I just have one more question. How long prior to your wedding date did you start getting the papers legalized, both for the wedo or the dominican embassy here in Canada? Thanks in advance Sandy
  4. I am planning my wedding for January 2011, I was just wondering how you guys reserved the date at the resort and how far in advance from the proposed wedding date? Did you mail down a money order to save the date (deposit of the wedding package)? I would love to see your pictures Tami, if you would provide me with the name of the thread. I am new to this and still not sure where to find everything. Thanks in advance. Sandy
  5. Hey Arlene, I am planning my wedding in Punta Cana for January 2011. Have you chosen a resort yet? Congrats on your engagement. Sandy
  6. Hi my name is Sandra Gathercole and I am planning a wedding for January 2011. I have heard good things about the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum resort located in the Mayan, Mexico. Does anyone have pictures of their weddings in the past at this resort? Has anyone used the photographer included in the wedding package at the resort? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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