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  1. Congrats and welcome to the BDW Forum Aruba great choice, it's so beautiful there. Happy Planning!
  2. Congrats! I haven't been to Gran Bahia but I did ride past the resort on the way to my resort and it looked massively huge and just beautiful like something out of a magazine couldn't believe it. I got married at the Riu Ocho Rios last year in December, there is alot of helpful info in the Jamaica section of this forum, I think you will be impressed, relieved, and pleased to have found such a great site . ~Happy Planning
  3. You picked a beautiful venue. I got married there last year in December. The WC's are great and take care of everything. You have nothing to worry about. There is a wealth of information on this website. I was so glad to find this site, if it weren't for this site I wouldn't have found my venue. ROR is a very popular venue in this forum you will definitely have no problems. A search on OOT (Out Of Town) bags will help you get ideas on gift bags for your guests. ~Happy Planning
  4. Congrats! Welcome to the BDW forum. Happy Planning!
  5. Congrats and glad that everything worked out great. I just got back from my ROR wedding too. Look forward to seeing your pics and reading your review.
  6. Thanks for all the well wishes and words of encouragement. It really rained cats and dogs the day before throughout most of the day almost non-stop so we were really worried BUT on our day it was nothing but sunshine all day long : D
  7. Thanks for the ideas ladies. I was thinking of pool toys/floats and activity books, water guns too. We already have bubbles that we are giving out for everyone to blow at the end of the ceremony.
  8. I'm so worried. I've been lurking on weather forecast sites and there is a threat of showers on my big day. I'm not familiar w/ weather patterns in Jamaica like whether a day can be a total wash out or if the rain showers are short and sweet. Anyways, what does ROR do to accommodate your wedding if it rains? And also anyone else have a wedding at ROR and have to deal w/ showers or threats of rain? Really worried, disappointed, and freaking out (
  9. I like the shot glasses, I think they are really cute as they are and the tags too. I don't think it would be necessary to change the colors of the glasses if you incorporated your colors in your tags.
  10. Congrats and Welcome to the BDW forum. I also agree that finding a country is the hardest part but once you find the country everything will fall into place. The best thing to do right now is to research and "window shop". This website forum is definitely a good place to start. Just look around to see what places catch your eye. Then also consider what you want out of your destination wedding experience and which locations match up with that. ~Good Luck and Happy Planning : )
  11. I finally finished them. As promised here are pictures of my DIY flowers. I think they turned out okay. I used blue lilies, mums, and white jasmine and indigo I think they are called hydrangea sprays to pop the colors in the bouquet. For the bouts I my FI wanted a mum instead of the lily so I used those and individual flowers from the sprays. I Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks so much for this list, I'm currently trying to think of some stuff for a couple of kids that we have coming.
  13. I have a few children included in my guests. I don't want them to feel left out and wanted to give them a little something too. What are some of the things that you used for children's OOT bags. Pics would also be appreciated. Thanks : )
  14. You look beautiful and your pictures as well. Congrats!
  15. We had been together 1 year and 8 months when he had proposed. We had been dating since March '07, on our first date he joked but was serious that I was going to be his wife one day....fast forward 3 mos in June '07 he took me to a jeweler to get sized for a ring said he just wanted to know my size/had to know my size, I went thru 2 "false alarms" one on my birthday September '07 and another when we went to Barbados March '08 when I just knew he was going to propose but he didn't. We found out we were pregnant 1 1/2 mos after my father passed in August '08 and he told me he was going to propos
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