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  1. Does anyone know if you have to file your marriage certificate at your own couthouse when you get married in mexico and you are from US? I already went and changed my name with my certificate form mexico and they didnt give me any problems.
  2. Hey ladies i'm not doing the garter toss either just wearing one and having him take mine off thats all. Doe anyone know if you can bring your dress plus a carry-on if you dont have a purse? cause i thought i saw someone doing that? that is my only option so i hope its ok! Good luck all!
  3. Hey ladies we are leaving on Mon the 9th! so crazy! i cant beleive i'm getting married in 9 days! GOod luck to you all!
  4. I just booked my outside photog and i paid for her to stay for 2 nights. She is reasonable check her out tammsphotos. and would def suggest getting one outside, i heard they just use employees to take their photos they are not as good as outside ones. hope this helps? 3 wks from today!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MoonPalacePookie Melissa, My ceremony was at 4 and reception at 6, both outside. The weather was perfect, it was hot, but not miserably hot, no one complained and these people complained about everything. We did rent umbrellas for the reception and those helped a lot, we had one for each table. It wasn't terribly windy either, my veil kept getting blowed over my shoulder, but other than that no problems. Nothing to worry about. I'm so excited for you, I wish I was doing it all over again, I had such a great time. Nicole, Welcome back, glad to hear everything went well for you. Hello Pookie i am getting married at moon palace nov 13 and i was wonderin if you could give me some tips? How many people did you have? cause she is trying to tell me the tucan terrace is big enough for 70 people but it doesnt look like that to me in the pics? hope you can help! Your wedding looked beautiful!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by swizmp I booked my own photographer. I liked the resort ones 85% of the time... but I wanted to be sure that on my day it was going to be awesome. My photographer had already done weddings at the MP and knew all the rules. (I believe you have to book 2 nights for them so they can be considered guests and not vendors) I'm using Tammara; Tamm's Photos - Wedding Photography Intro I am thinking about booking her to! What did you tell the resort that she was just part of your party?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! yes let us know - who is your wedding planner? mine told me that as long as they are staying at the hotel its fine....they didn't say anything about staying 2 nights....we've only got ours booked one night...would be interesting to see what you get told! Nobody seems to get told the same things! I'm just keeping my emails as confirmation of what i've been told! So my planner told me that if they know the photographer they can reufse for them to com eon the property and that if we had someone to bring with us as a guest we could but they would have to stay one night i'm going to book an outside photog and say they are part of our party do you think they will know?
  8. Welcome and congrats! You should look into Moon Palace!
  9. Thank you so much for that link it really helps!! And i will let everyone know what my WC says its Claudia. Thanks again for your help ladies!
  10. Your not behind you have plenty of time! I emailed my wedding planner to ask her about the outside photog so i'll see what she says, cause i wasnt a big fan of the resort photog pics. Thanks
  11. Congrats i am getting married on Nov 13 so i will see you there! We arrive on the 9th, are you using their photographer or are you bringing your own im getting nervous about that!
  12. Great review i requested that photographer and she said the manager set him aside for us!
  13. OK ladies question has anyone actually used the MP photographers? or have you all taken you own? cause they said they use palace channel and i tired t o research it and cant find anything Please let me know
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