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  1. Thanks so much for your help ladies!!! I'll let you know how it goes!
  2. I think it's perfect!!! And it looks gorgeous on you!!!!
  3. Hi ladies, so I'm going on Friday for my dress fitting and I know nothing about bustles. I know that the seamstress is going to have an opinion on how my dress should be bustled or even if it needs to be, but I'd like to go in there somewhat educated about it. I know that I don't have much of a train on the dress but I feel that it will need to be put up so that I'm not tripping over it all night. Any and all advice would be most welcome.....thanks so much!!! Allure : Style 8521 From AllureBridals.com
  4. We aren't doing either because the only single people will be my sister and his brother....
  5. We're giving our mom's Tiffany letter necklaces and monogrammed hankerchiefs. The dad's are getting hankerchiefs as well, but not sure what else. We'll also give them parent albums for Christmas next year....
  6. I know how you feel, my best friend said she was coming for sure and was supposed to be my MOH......all of a sudden and out of nowhere, she's not coming. I think it's her husband that is saying no. But she's acting all weird towards me now.
  7. I'm going to check this out, it sounds great!!
  8. I really wish I would have seen this, I totally would have been in....I sure hope there is a Season 8 that starts in the new year because I'll participate for sure!!!
  9. The MAC Studio Sculpt is AMAZING!!! I have rosacea and it covers it completely!!
  10. This diet sounds very intriguing......and you ladies are SO supportive of each other! My wedding is in August, and I'm hoping to drop a significant amount of weight by then. It's so hard, but I recently had jaw surgery, so I've had a good kickstart not being able to eat for the first 3 weeks......lol
  11. Something to think about with a spray tan is that it can rub off on your clothing and can dry your skin out like crazy, worse than tanning. Now every tanning salon will tell you that this doesn't happen, but I used to work at a tanning salon and it can. I think it differs by person, because I've seen where very little or a lot rubs off. If you are thinking about going this route, definitely try it now to see how it affects your skin and how it rubs off OR find someone in your area who does spray tan through airbrushing....it seems to last better and rub off FAR less.
  12. SO, I bought my dress!!! I have to say, when I first saw this dress, I didn't like it at all on the hanger......but my best friend picked it out and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I hated it. I put it on and when I walked out of the dressing room and saw it on myself, I loved it.... I am completely in LOVE with this dress and I think it's perfect for me and for our wedding in Maui!! What do you ladies think?? ** I'm having some problems uploading the pictures, so here is the link.....sorry!! Allure : Style 8521 From AllureBridals.com
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