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  1. Hi, I'm getting married at Beaches Negril in March, so I've been reading this forum and also the "Fans of Sandals Weddingmoons" group on Facebook for a while now. Both have been extremely helpful. I listed your questions below and will try to answer in blue: "I have my first planning session with the Miami wedding coordinator Renee tomorrow and I am kinda nervous since a lot of people don't have that many positive things to say about the Miami coordinators." Renee is actually really nice. Although I'm sure you've had your first session with her by now, I've found her to be really helpful
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, I have a TA, so I will be using her as an intermediary as needed in the future.
  3. My wedding is scheduled for March 2011 at Beaches Negril, and I have my first phone call with Renee scheduled for this Thursday. Does anyone have any tips for questions I should ask or tasks I should get accomplished on this phone call? Will she try to upsell me? Are there things I should avoid mentioning? Â So far, I know I want to verify with her that our guest is doing our photography and that we won't need the Beaches photographer. I also want to go over some options (we're thinking the 1-hour cocktail reception) but don't want to get carried away with signing up for a lot of extras u
  4. Hello Ladies, Â I've been reading a lot of threads on OOT bags lately and starting to order some preliminary supplies and make my list. I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find addressed anywhere: Â Spirit Tumblers: Has anyone used these? They look like a good compromise between travel mugs and stadium cups and should be easy to pack (since they probably stack). They are double walled so it is insulated. http://www.silkletter.com/clear-tumbler-p-792.html Imprint.com has them in better colors but they are more expensive. Small OOT Bags: I was thinking of ordering smaller ba
  5. Did you order these? If so, are there any left to purchase? I would need 20 of them.
  6. You can register with the US embassy at Travel. They say to do this to let them know where you will be located just in case there are problems in your area so they can help to evacuate you - this is also a good idea if you are traveling during hurricane season.
  7. Thank you for the detailed review, Katie! I have 10 months left until I get to go, so I love reading these when they come in. Can't wait to see your pictures!
  8. You might want to check with your TA on this, but I have heard that the resort will not let you bring real flowers from a local vendor onsite. You are allowed to bring silk flowers from home. It would be a shame if you spent $ on the flowers and then you weren't allowed to bring them in.
  9. Lisa, If your concern is that you won't get many pictures for the $1200, you might think about the $850 digital book instead. I've heard that you are allowed to pick 50-210 photos for the same price, and then you can get the same number of photos on the CD for $200 additional. It doesn't come with a DVD like the $1200 package, but you would have more photos. Also, the album isn't a padded album with prints that slide in - the digital photos are printed directly on the pages of a hardcover book, and the book's cover itself is a photo that you can select. I'm thinking about this opt
  10. I'm so jealous that you're there! The pictures of the place look absolutely fabulous.
  11. I'm having this dilemma as well. I keep thinking we'll just use the resort photographer, but they don't include enough pictures for the price. They charge $200 for the CD that only includes the photographs that you already paid for in hard copy (so if you get the package with 42 photos, you also can purchase those 42 photos on CD). I'm just not sure if I should do a small package from the resort photographer and supplement it with photographs taken by a friend (not a professional but would be using a top of the line consumer digital SLR camera). The other option would be a professional
  12. I think you have to get it from a travel agent or the wedding department, but I have a copy if you want me to email it to you (you can PM me your email address). There isn't a whole lot in it since they haven't added the floral options yet.
  13. Oh, I almost forgot. A reviewer on TripAdvisor made their own website with tons of pictures of Sunset at the Palms, and it gives you a really good idea of the layout of the property. Their visit was in 2006, so it is a bit dated, but hopefully this will help anyway: Sunset at the Palms day 1
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