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  1. so excited to go to the SRC in 13 days! we are getting married there. hopefully our experience will be as good as yours!!!!!
  2. i decided to bring friends who are photographers. i did a barter deal with them. they are staying at the resort for 3 nights and in exchange, giving me 8 hours of photography! it all worked out for the best and turned out to be cheaper than the packages.
  3. shoot, if i was you - and bringing the chair covers with me - id have a friend or family member run out there and do it before guests started arriving and save myself 500 bucks!
  4. i heard from my TA that the cheapest place to buy the Blue Mountain Coffee is in the airport. ha! im also going to the grocery store to buy things for our welcome bags along with the red stripe beer in bottles.
  5. i heard from my WC that they use MAC makeup..... i also heard that they now have their own "red lane spa" brand. I have to check with my WC and make sure they still have MAC. I love MAC and use it currently. i hope this helps
  6. I am getting married on May 22nd at the Royal Caribbean resort. Like so many other brides, I was in panic mode when i spoke to the WC because of all the additional add ons she was telling me that i should consider. I was also told that you may not be able to get a reservation. This is true for the restaurants that require reservations but i have a feeling that as soon as you arrive and are at the front desk and request reservations for your party - they will accommodate. they are not going to push you away and say no, sorry you cant eat together. i did decide to do the private reception. i just thought that would be cool, to sit privately with our friends and family, on the beach, by the water... i was pressured to add a photography package which i agreed to but then called and cancelled it. ive heard mixed reviews about the photography and so i have friends who are attending our wedding weekend who are great photographers and have agreed to take photos for us. i made starfish with aqua ribbon to hang on the aisle chairs, made favors that will go on the placesettings and also have fans for each of the ceremony chairs. I will have my brother put these things out before guests start arriving. I refuse to pay 250.00 for sandals to put these things out for me. so yes, the free wedding turns out to be more than expected because of the add ons but do not feel pressured. think about this, the resort can't "over book" they only have so many rooms. the restaurants on the property have to accomodate for the amount of rooms/guests they have so i dont see any problems with you being able to have your group all sit together. no worries! i think all will be very fine and will turn out beautiful no matter what. i have seen pictures of the montego bay resorts wedding areas and they have beautiful gazebos overlooking the water - i dont think you really need any other decor other than that beautiful backdrop and you and your fiance standing in front of it. it will be amazing!
  7. Im getting married at the SRC on May 22nd. We are doing the Beautiful Beginnings wedding. My WC keeps telling me that I should do a photography package with video... After talking with her I agreed to do the $1200.00 package but I am now having second thoughts... Is it necessary? Can a family member take just as good of photos? I am currious because $1200.00 is a pretty basic package... I know it includes a wedding video but you don't even get to keep all the photos on a CD, you get only 40 or so photos that you can "pick". I have heard mixed reviews. Some like their photos and some don't. I am scared to have crappy wedding photos. I would also like to know if you can get married on the private island? Also, in your opinion, what is better - beach or garden ceremony? Beach or garden reception? Thanks for reading the long post!!! Lisa
  8. I'm with you Chrissy. I was told the same thing about the restaurants and kind of feel pushed into paying extra for the reception. Interesting! I mean, what are they going to do, people have to the right to eat. Why wouldn't you be able to make a "reservation" to all sit together? Anyway, I am with you on the massage. I am not going to fret about the flowers. I didnt even think that I wont be able to bring them home anyway! I am going to have my brother put out our decor. I don't care if they get pissy. I am in a spot now where I dont want added on fees so I feel like I am just going to handle the details within the family...... i wont even involve the WC with my personal giftbags or decor.
  9. I was a bit disappointed also. I am doing the Beautiful Beginnings wedding. I heard that there was a "round" bouquet option in white or fuchia orchids but would cost extra. I am not sure if im into the whole swag bouquet... I was happy when I heard this. Anyway, I asked my WC if I could pay extra for the round bouquet but she said that it is not being offered, that it was only offered to January and February brides... I guess "swag" will have to do... I would go with the Seaside Serenade bouquet but if I have the Beautiful Beginnings decor, it will not "go", plus I love the fuchia orchids...... I splurged on a private cocktail and dinner reception and went with the hanging lanterns that they have in the Finishing Touches catalog... I wasn't going to "rent" a sign or seashells to line the aisle for $50-$100, even though I love the idea and look of them. That is just silly to me. I can buy a sign and bring it with me for less than $50.00. I made my own jumbo starfish that will hang off the aisle chairs with aqua blue, satin ribbon. I told my WC that I was bringing these but she said she would have to check if I was "allowed" to hang these... If I hear the words "You Can't...", I think I will just bring them anyway and put them out. What are they really going to do? Stop my ceremony because of some homemade decor that I didn't spend $100.00's of dollars on? I'm only spending $12,000.00 to take ourselves and our immediate families there.... I think they will let the starfish slide....
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    I'll only need 6.
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    Is it too late to place an order?
  12. I can't see the pics. Although I saw them fine on my iPhone. WEIRD!
  13. These are the BEST I have seen!!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for all of us to see and use. It is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. User Name: montegobay Name: Lisa & Michael Location: Sandals Royal Caribbean & Private Island Wedding: May 22, 2010 in JA: 05/20/10 - 05/27/10
  15. NOW i know what "bump" means!!!!!! This is great info! THanks for sharing.