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  1. Weddingin2010

    Hello, im new !!

    Hi Marina...congrats on your upcoming wedding! Happy planning!
  2. Weddingin2010

    So What do you do for a living?

    I run a restaurant while my fiance stays home with our 1-year-old son. I enjoy my job but the hours are long and it can be pretty stressful at times. Plus most of my staff were born in the 90's which makes me feel OLD!
  3. Weddingin2010

    How do you know if your a$$ stinks?

    gross gross GROSS
  4. They look amazing...which is good after all the drama that unfolded. I especially love the ribbon!
  5. Weddingin2010

    Newbie here

    Welcome Bianca! Keep us posted on any engagement news!
  6. Weddingin2010

    St. Thomas - Weddings the Island Way

    We are using Janelle from Island Bliss but I have heard great things about Weddings the Island Way - they were our 2nd choice. Really, it seems like most of the wc's in St. Thomas come highly recommended.
  7. Weddingin2010

    Hi! Guess what?! I'm New!

    Welcome Jessica! You'll love this forum, so many great ideas. Happy planning!
  8. Weddingin2010

    Newbie :)

    Hi Toni, welcome to the forum! Happy planning!
  9. Weddingin2010

    #19 on the way for Duggars

    Well, I give props to the Duggars. With all the craziness going on in reality tv (Jon and Kate, octomom, etc) I think they portray a very stable and loving family. I don't know how they pull it off but somehow it just works for them. Their house is way more organized than mine and I only have one kid!
  10. Weddingin2010

    Wholesale Site

    Wow, great find!
  11. You guys did great Karla!
  12. Weddingin2010

    I'm getting married!!!!!

    Hi Janelle! Isn't it fun shopping for dresses? Congrats on your engagement and happy planning!
  13. Weddingin2010

    Newest Newbie!!

    Hi Jessica! Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  14. Awesome, I love VistaPrint! Thanks for the heads-up!