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  1. I'm just using white paper and printing either the map background or the palm trees. I think a lot of people here have had luck finding the paper they want at Michaels but I like the image I found so even thuogh it will use a lot of ink, I'm going to just print it onto white paper.
  2. OchieBride

    Sooo lost! Help!

    Welcome! No worries I felt the same way initially. With respect to attachments...I've found that some are downloadable (is that a real word?) and others you need the 150 posts..I'm not sure what the difference is, maybe its how people are attaching them () What I would suggest though is to not just read the threads but also participate..comment..offer suggestions etc. Before you know it you'll have enough posts to download everything. Good luck! ***just noticed I have 106 posts after about 2 mnths....but I'm addicted to this forum!!!***
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    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    I emailed them a few days ago and I've had no reply. Is it the same email addy Jacynthia used?
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    Toronto Photographer

    Thanks ladies!
  5. OchieBride

    Toronto Photographer

    Hi, Can someone suggest a good photographer in Toronto for engagement pics?
  6. Thanks! This is landing in his inbox ASAP...better yet, gonna print it out and give it to him
  7. WOW..thats pretty creative! Was it difficult? How long did it take you?
  8. Very creative..and I LOVE the colours (canadian spelling ...lol )!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicana bride Hi. I'm getting our bags from here, Large Palm Leaf Welcome Bags*::*Welcome Bags*::*Favor Boxes, Bags & More*::*Destination Wedding Favors Haven't ordered them yet, but they look way too good to pass (for me anyways). I don't think they need to be big, as towels will be provided by the resorts, and nobody cares them around for long there anyways, just to change for a clean one. The way I figure it the bigger the bag, the more we have to put in it. Hope this helps These look really nice! Can you let me know the quality once you've ordered them?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup I am interested in the palm leaf favor bags, but could you please tell me the size? or just tell me the size of the water bottle inside it so I can get a better idea of the size of the bag.. Thanks! If your not going to take the bags I would love to have them. let me know!
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    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten Hey for any of you ladies - I don't know what kind of packages you have, but my rates just dropped tremendously for April 2010 from when I'd originally booked the resort in March. Like in half. The constant change is nerve wracking! I just emailed the new WC to get a re-quote. How much of a drop was it?
  12. Hi Sue, I found an antique looking map of the caribean to use and a nice palm tree print. I've done two template and just need to decide on the two.
  13. Thanks for the instructions, I'm about to print mine and I was a bit confused. Is it hard to get those little corners? How many did u do and how long did that take you? Thanks!!!
  14. Did u use any particular tools to cut it or assemble the pockets?