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    My Dress!

    What a BEAUTIFUL dress! The sweetheart neckline fits you gorgeously...and the mermaid style dress? Is LOVING and FLATTERING your figure! Beautiful pick! Your soon-to-be hubbie is going to LOVE that dress!
  2. CTall119

    It never hurts to ask ...

    What a great surprise! And what an even greater deal! Congrats!
  3. CTall119

    Bachelorette Ideas?

    What about going skydiving?
  4. Unfortunately, I am of no help to you...but I just wanted to mention that that is a GORGEOUS dress! Good luck to you!
  5. CTall119

    New dresses for sale

    Hi there, misskim_red@msn.com! I have just sent you a private message about the Mikaella Gown size 10! I am very interested in it!
  6. I wore a wedge Flip Flop that was hand beaded with Swarvorski crystals to match the beading on my dress: They havent come in yet, but they cost $150...and came from Crystal Flip Flops :: withcrystalsandstones.com HTH
  7. CTall119


    My colors were a bright orange and bright fuschia. I think the yellow/black/white mix is super pretty - but maybe more befitting of a water-themed wedding (perhaps on a yacht or at a marina? Here are some pink/orange inspiration pics: Floral Centerpiece: Ceremony Trellis: Invitation: Signature drink (men): Siganture drink (women):
  8. Hmmm...does this apply to ALL locations outside of the country? We are going to St. Lucia, not Mexico. We were also planning on splitting all of the items into two bags so that my parents could take one and we could take the other. None of the items purchased have a receipt value of over $300. The closest we have come is for our embroidered towels but the total for that was $241. Thanks for all of your replies, ladies!
  9. Hi Ladies! I have been reading alot of threads that mention having to bring receipts for the items that you have packed away to put into your guests OTT gift bags once at your resort. Many of these threads mention using faux-receipts too. Why do you HAVE to bring these receipts? Why are faux receipts the best to use? What is the minimum dollar amount that must be stated in order to NOT have to pay taxes on customs? What happens if you do not HAVE these receipts? Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Carolyn! I am from Westchester too! I work in Rye, and live about 25 minutes north of that! I have just contacted Angie from Round Top - and she remembered you immediately! Thank you SO much for your detailed pictures...and recommendation! It sounds as though you and your guests had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing your finds in this post!
  11. CTall119

    I'm engaged!

    Hey there! Congratulations! I used to work in New Rochelle...are you getting married on Davonport avenue? They have a TON of gorgeous wedding locations right on the water! Best of luck with the planning! December isnt that far away!
  12. I definately will report back with pics! I can't wait! Oooo - and good luck to you too, ebredhawk! Can't wait to hear what you think after its been done! HAVE FUN!
  13. Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience with Blurb yet. I am planning on having an album made out of my BD pictures as a gift to my future husband! I have the book template all laid out already. I am just waiting to go on the photo shoot (scheduled for July 11th) and then when I receive my digital CD I will upload the pictures I want to have printed...and go from there! I am looking forward to hearing what other BDW members think of these two sites! From what I have read/heard elsewhere, the Blurb books are great quality!
  14. CTall119

    Caribbean Wedding/Reception/Bar for 50 ppl

    We are getting married in St. Lucia. We are staying at an all inclusive Sandals Resort (the Sandals Grande St. Lucian) and with our stay, all of the top shelf alcohol is included. For our wedding reception, we are paying $150 per person for a privately prepared and beachside catered 4 course meal next to the ceremony site. Hope that helps!
  15. CTall119

    Newbie w/peacock theme

    hi there, Deltachic! Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures or links to add...but your theme sounds beautiful! I also wanted to let you know that we are date twins! I too am getting married on 9/19/2009 in St. Lucia!