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  1. We're getting married in April (April 22nd to be exact) Any other April brides? What have you already completed? I've got my photographer book and a travel agent looking into prices... But after being on here I suddenly feel very far behind....
  2. We're getting married in April (April 22nd to be exact) Any other April brides? What have you already completed? I've got my photographer book and a travel agent looking into prices... But after being on here I suddenly feel very far behind....
  3. I booked my own photographer. I liked the resort ones 85% of the time... but I wanted to be sure that on my day it was going to be awesome. My photographer had already done weddings at the MP and knew all the rules. (I believe you have to book 2 nights for them so they can be considered guests and not vendors) I'm using Tammara; Tamm's Photos - Wedding Photography Intro
  4. That would be awesome! I love turtles!
  5. We're having the same problem.... People who when we suggested the idea were really excited... then after going through with all the plans, booking the photographer, date, resort etc have said they can't afford it. I have no bridesmaids/maid of honor. (Right now my little brothers are filling the spots). It's especially frustrating for me since one of my cousins just got married. We had to fly across the country to go (which we did, never once mentioning the over $1200 in costs for us while I didn't have a job. Plus I had to pay for my BM dress). And now she won't come to mine because her and her new husband want to save for a house! Everyone our age wants to save for a house.... They also refused to register because they wanted everyone to just give them money. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!
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    April 2010 Brides

    Hi All! I too am a April 2010 bride (April 22, 2010)! So far we've signed and sent off the wedding contract for our Moon Palace wedding... but that's about it! We're looking into photographers right now and I think we've decided on Tammara (Tamm's Photos - Wedding Photography Intro) I heard she's good and I've read some great reviews, right now I'm still trying to talk my FI into it. Any other april 2010 brides using her? Congrats to everyone and good luck with the planning! Tiffany
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by pyxystyx Was it, swizmp- Why did you want to switch to the 3:00? I TOTALLY have been kicking myself for not booking earlier and getting a 6:00 like yours, I would kill for that time! But by the time we booked, 3:00 was the latest time slot in the day. : / Que sera. We asked to switch to the 3pm time slot because we were worried about not having enough time to take pictures before the sunset. After reading some other posts about April that was a concern for a couple people and they had to take pictures before the ceremony. I really like the idea of my Fiancee not seeing me in my dress until I'm walking down the aisle!
  9. Thanks for answering my questions! We switched to the 3pm time slot and got our contract yesterday. We also switched to the complimentary wedding package and are going to just add things on. We're faxing it back this afternoon to make it official! Is anyone else having a Catholic ceremony? We were told that it's a symbolic ceremony and not a legally binding marriage.
  10. Hello Ladies, Wow, 265 pages and 2641 posts later! I am currently in the process of booking my date (April 22, 2010) We were told by the miami person that the sun set is at 8:30 in april so we went with the 6pm slot.... however after reading this site I think we should go back and ask for the 3pm... We're still waiting to hear back about our contract (filled the online form out on Thursday) A couple of questions. I don't think there are any current Canadians on this forum.... So I'm not sure if anyone can answer... If we go through a travel agent can we still get block rooms? (ie all the rooms next to each other?) We have a small group (24 max... probably closer to 18 and we're all staying for a week.) and this has been brought up as an important request from family. The other question, Did anyone find themselves running into other wedding parties? (ie if we have the 3pm time slot, will we have to wait for the 2pm time slot to finish?) will our guests be waiting outside the chapel before they can go in? I've emailed tammara's photos to see if their available, not sure if I'm going to be able to talk my FI into that or not Congrats to all the girls getting married this next week or two... there seems to be a lot! Happy Canada Day! Tiffany
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    Moon Palace Wedding

    Hey All, I've been engaged since November and while originally our plan was to get married at home (NS, Canada) we've decided to do a destination wedding to the Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico. We're still quite new to the whole destination wedding planning.. we were told late april is the best time/cheapest time to do this so I guess that's when we're planning. We haven't book an exact date yet as we're waiting to hear back from key members of the wedding party before committing one hundred percent..... If anyone has any tips or info they want to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!