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  1. Hello all, I am close to my 1 year anniversary. I got married at Aventura Spa..on the cove side... It was beautiful and amazing... no matter what you choose.. the setting is so beautiful... you will love it... just a word of advice... ask them to kick up the flavors of the cake a notch....you can also arrange a cake tasting..for a small fee... its worth it.. if you have any questions please free to ask away... Happiness to you all! Kim
  2. I got married on a Saturday...and woooweeeee I think out of all the times I have been to that hotel...it was the MOST crowded I have ever seen it...they had convention after convention in... huge parties in the lobbies and on the beach...it was really full... btw your mailbox is full!!!! I had a bounce back...
  3. Hi Cristi, That Terrace is on the Cove side... right next to the game room.. I think its just called the Cove Terrace. I was going to have everything there....but when we got married the whole week was cold and rainy so we decided to change things around just in case... so we choose to have it in the Piano Terrace on the Spa Side (cocktail and reception) just in case it rained they would at least be protected.. you can change your mind the day before your wedding if you think things wont work out in the spot you chose... I planned everything sorta last minute.. I didnt even plan on having a reception and POOF it happened... let me know if you need more help...btw...I REALLY emphasized that the food and cake needed to be kicked up a notch.. and they really came through...so if you like dessert... you need to tell them that.. my WC was Yazmin and I made sure to tell her over and over... and she told the chefs...and they made it exactly the way I wanted it.. it was deeeeelicious!! I had a chocolate with chocolate mousse... and I had a pineapple cheesecake...and it wasnt the way we make it here in the states...it was layered with pineapples...and it was actually the best cake out of all three.. and I had a vanilla with vanilla mousse and I think there was rum in it...my least favorite..anyways, just thought I would throw that in...I also changed out things on my menu... like Lemon Pie...kicked that to the curb and had them make me a rice dish...they had chocolate cake on my menu...and instead they made these little swan creampuffs.. they were so yummy!!! talk to you soon Kim
  4. I gave out welcome bags/OOT filled with goodies and I also gave out little rolling suitcases with our names and date on them...that said thanks for making the trip...it was filled with personalized M&Ms with our faces on it...they also had some double hearts and just married and rob&kim 2-20-10...in the colors of my wedding theme...they were a big hit..
  5. Amy whats your email address? I dont know how to upload on here... Kim :-)
  6. Hi CeeCee The pictures are pretty nice...there are some stupid shots...its to be expected..also...my fiance is a big ham...so we seem to have a LOT of pics of him... the photographer wanted me to climb up on rocks..and I was like uh...NO... also... I picked the Amethyst Rose collection...which includes Package A... my WC told me if I wanted to I could upgrade the package.. and then purchase an extra hour with the photgrapher which was $160 for an hour. We ended up doing 2 hours... I have about 300 pictures.. you can ask your WC what your options are...also...I had a book made..and he picked my pics... which annoyed me cause I was like wth... Let me know if you have any more questions... Kim
  7. My WC gave me the following brokers names..and suggested if I were going to send anything start 30 days before... 1)CICSA Cancun Main contacts : Hector Ruiz hector@cicsacancun.com Ricardo Hernandez rhernandez@cicsacancun.com Web site :Blank Tel : 52-998-267-8579 Address : Cancun , Quintana Roo 2) Global Caribbean / / Miami Office / Cancun office Main contact: Melissa Velásquezmelissa@globalcaribbean.com Web site: Global Caribbean | Guillesa Internacional | Freight Forwarding | Food & Equipment Distribution Phone USA : (954) 894-4500 Fax USA : (954) 894-9190 Address: Hollywood FL, 33021 3) Lion Exhibition Freight, Inc. // Atlanta Office – Cancun Office Main Contact: Jerry Hopper (Atlanta)jbhopper@lionexhibition.com Web site: Lion Exhibition Freight, Inc. Phone: (404) 305-1183 Fax: (404) 305-1185 Address : Atlanta, GA 30344 Hope this helps if someone was interested in doing this... Kim
  8. Hello Ladies, Highlights...I have to say the wedding package made the gazebo look beautiful...I had a harpist..and it was really pretty..soft and romantic.. I also asked for a male minister..and the one I had gave a beautiful sermon.. I had our wedding on the Cove side..only because I thought it was the prettier gazebo...because it has the clear glass and you can see the ocean behind you... and when we kissed you could see the fireworks alot better.... unfortunately..they had a LOT of conventions going on...and the kids were off school...the resort was extremely crowded and... I had some screaming kid in the background..and unfortunately his mother didnt have any brains in her head cause she let him climb up the side of the gazebo and hang over to watch...on the other end of the resort...one of the conventions had some kind of contest going on...and had people cheering and playing loud boom boom music...but I have to say...during the ceremony..I was sooo focused on my new husband..that I totally didnt notice those things till the end...it was truly beautiful.. so..recommendation..if you dont have kids in your wedding or attending it...and like romantic/quiet... do it on the spa side.. I had my reception on the spa side in the piano terrace..and it was incredible... you walk down a small boardwalk..they had trees lining the front of the walkway lite up with white lights... I only had 10 people and they made it look so pretty and romantic.. I also told them to KICK up the cake taste up a notch...I picked a menu and changed things around...took things out and added things in...things that were in the restaurants that I liked to eat...also I had a three tier cake chocolate with chocolate mousse...(the bottom tier) the middle tier was pineapple cheesecake and the top was vanilla with vanilla pudding...my least favorite..I also used the resort photographer... recommendation..wear flip flops.. he asks you to climb on stuff.. (large rocks) I was like wth...anyways, its easier to get thru the sand..he did a good job with the photography...my suggestion.. you tell him what kinda pics you want..and where you want to take them...walk around the resort before you get married..and pick spots you like..also... ask your WC to have the pics emailed to her...or if you have a computer with you...ask the photograper to email them to you so you can preview them...my mistake cause I didnt know.. he picked the pictures for my damn album...I was seriously annoyed by that and I let them know it too.. All in all..I started off with the free package..was going to do the restaurant..and ended up with the amethyst package and reception in the piano terrace... it was fun/romantic/intimate and my family and friends had a blast... If you have any questions..you can email me at kim.carreras@i-deal.com and I would be happy to show you some of the pics..I have to put them on shutterfly..I already have pics and some video of the hotel.. on shutterfly Shutterfly.com kimcarreras@aol.com twinkle1 If you want to see some pics of the hotel... and videos (bottom of the page) take care and talk to you soon Kim
  9. Hello ladies, I just got married at Aventura Spa last week...you can pick a package and change up on the flowers..also they show you one set of flowers on the website...but when you actually choose your package they give you a new set of papers with more choices... and I choose the diamond collection then changed it to the amethyst... I also at first chose the free package but while I was there kicked it up a notch.. but couldnt decide...I was also going the restaurant route..then POOF ended up having a private reception... I was a confused mess!! I also used there photograher...and here is one thing I totally recommend... if you do use there photographer... ask your WC to let you preview the pics by email...so that YOU can choose your pics..otherwise they choose your pictures for you...which kinda pissed me off..and I let them know it... also...with the packages you get the photograph Package A i think..you can pay the differences between photo packages so that you can have the bigger picture selection...I also... paid the photographer by the hour and ended up keeping him for 2 hours... I got 3 discs with about 300 pictures..if you have any questions... you can email me if you like kimcarreras@i-deal.com take care... Kim
  10. I had dinner at a restaurant called La Casa de Agua..the atomosphere was very pretty very elegant...and the food was delicious... they are a few really pretty restaurants there..
  11. Hello Jackie, Just got married there Saturday the 20th... I had my hair done at the salon... hmm what can I say..I had picture with me too..and I do speak some spanish...but the women kept telling me.. let me do let me do while I was telling her how I wanted my hair..in end it came out really pretty... and I can send you a pic if you like..but I had like 70 hair pins in my head...and by the end of the night...the hairdo still held up... but what a bleeping bleep to get all that hairspray and pins out and they tease it too ugh what a mess!! Also, my pic was going for the softer curls updo..and its not really what she did at first it looked like I had ribbons on my head..and as I was sitting in the chair I wrote to my WC on my blackberry and basically told her to get her tail over to the salon... by the time she got there...the hairdresser was practically done...if you do get your hair done there...I would recommend the OTHER hairdresser..her name was Hugolina... and she did my bridesmaid dress...and it came out really pretty with softer curls... let me know if you need any more help...hope this helped you.. Kim
  12. Hello Girls!! Just got back yesterday from my wedding/honeymoon at Aventura Spa...it was absolutely beautiful!!! We had our wedding on the Cove side..and our reception in the Piano Terrace on the Spa side... the WC totally out did herself...I didnt really have anything planned till I got there the 3 days before..and POOF I choose everything right then and there and she made it all happen!!! It was soooooooo romantic and beautiful!!! If you girls need any information please let me know. Kim
  13. Hello all, I am getting married next Sat, Feb 20, 2010...I am slightly disturbed cause I see that it might rain...I have been to the resort when it rains and there are a bazillion mosquitoes... NAM...did they give you any contigency plan in case it did rain...My WC is Yazmin..and like Missy in her earlier post... I am frustrated with her cause she is slower then #*#$# in getting an answer back to me... I saw what they did for someone else's wedding when it rained and DID NOT like the looks of it..I just emailed Yazmin and asked her what the back up would be and the set up in one of those convention rooms is not something I would like...so basically they better think up something better and be more accomodating...I also.. did not like the cake I had a cake testing and was not thrilled...we asked if LeBlanc could make our cake and was told they could for another 250....I was also told to transport it...would be another 200 to drive it 45 minutes to Cancun.. I am really frustrated.... Kim
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