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  1. I'm so excited to see this posting, I have been stressed about our bridesmaids bouquets too and I didn't know doing diy ones would be so easy and very pretty! Thank you!
  2. These are all really great ideas! I am working on this now, so it is a huge help to me! Thank you!
  3. Wow! I had NO idea it was so simple. I just ordered our sand ceremony stuff too, darn it. Now I want to think of a way to use this for a different project. Thank you!!
  4. Did you try to google it for a free font website? That's how I found many of the fonts I needed for things. Wish I had this one for you.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by budgetjamaicabride What kind of program are you looking for? I am making it on an oversized postcard from VistaPrint. I am thinking I will corner round the edges and put on a stick for a fan. Great idea, thanks for this! I have been working on doing the fan program with Aylee's template, but it's taking a while. Thanks!!
  6. You are a lifesaver! This is one of the MANY things I have on my to do list, but I am running out of time! Ugh! Thank you!!
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! No one has posted any solutions or ideas on the melting issue though. Hmmm...
  8. jennifergk13

    New Moon Palace in Punta Cana

    Hi Starfish! So, now I finally have a for real WC, before I was going back and forth with lots of different people at Palace, but I think they were all in Miami. I am talking with Nancy now and she is so wonderful!! I think they don't let you start really planning things until it gets close to 30 days from the wedding date. I know they got really busy with all the weddings and people that had to change from Mexico to Punta Cana with the swine flu. Since they don't have all of their packages in order yet, we are doing the complimentary package and then adding on the extras that we want. We are using the dinner up to 35 guests as our rehearsal dinner on Friday night. They have 4 restaurants that can accommodate our group of 35 or so. They have the steakhouse, a seafood place, mexican place or the italian restaurant that can have the larger groups. Then on Saturday night after the wedding we are doing a private reception with the buffet outside on a terrace and I think we have decided on the BBQ buffet menu. They have a bunch of different menus to choose from. The options seem great! We are doing the audio package that includes the system that we can hook up our ipod to and we are organizing all of our songs for the ipod this week. For the cocktail party, we didn't book all of our rooms as a group because the rates were more than what we found through the travel agency my mom owns, so just booked everyone individually. So we don't get the complimentary cocktail package, eventhough they had said they are going to try to work that out for us, but it's not for sure yet. We were going to do it on Thursday night as a Welcome thing or meet and greet, but now we are thinking that we don't want to have something every night for the people that are only coming for 3 or 4 nights. I want our guests to feel free to enjoy their vacation and maybe we will say "optional" or something, but we haven't completely decided yet. I'm still working on a bunch of questions I emailed to Nancy today about flowers and cake, etc. I will definitely let you know what I find out. I will also post more of the information I have, as soon as I have time. My best advice is to not stress, especially with your wedding not until November, I am completely confident that everything will be perfect by then! Just relax and wait until they can start allowing you to plan things, but just be patient because I was freaking out every day and it drove me crazy and now it is all working out, so no worries!
  9. jennifergk13

    Help! Moon Palace Punta Cana or Paradisus Palma Real?

    I am getting married at Moon in June and will post a good review when we return from our honeymoon, so maybe that will help with your planning for November. Honestly though, from everything I know, your wedding will be perfect in November. They will have all the kinks ironed out! I think by the end of the summer they will be all set!
  10. jennifergk13

    New Moon Palace in Punta Cana

    I am getting married at Moon Palace Punta Cana on June 27, 2009 and have been stressing out the entire time if things would be finished by my wedding. Well, they are not, but many of the restaurants and things are, so I am staying optimistic! My mom knew someone higher up at Palace Resorts, so they were able to give me the date I wanted, before they started scheduling weddings there, which seems great, but it's really not since I had no idea what I was getting us into! lol! Eventhough our first choice was Mexico and now I'm kinda glad I chose PC because of the swine flu stress others are going through. We have almost 40 people booked to head down with us in just a few weeks. They are only offering the complimentary wedding at this time, which stinks since I really wanted the sapphire or diamond one they offer in Mexico. I'm also bummed about not getting the horse drawn carriage arrival, I really liked that. I still have a lot to do in just a short few weeks to go! Let me know if anyone has any questions, since I have been through a lot of it over the past few months.
  11. 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