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  1. I had my legal day today!!! yay.... I wanted to do it before leaving, which is next week and I am so excited. It was a little informal as FI just came back from Iraq and had to rush from his base (today was his last day there and Im so relieved) to make it on time but he made it. Here are some pics
  2. airampz

    Flying with Wedding Dress

    Quote: Originally Posted by GinalynL I flew American and they let me carry my wedding dress on. The flight attendants noticed that I was carrying a garmet bag and asked if it was a wedding dress. When I said yes, they took it from me and hung it in the closet. I feel a little relieved now! I was just about to ask if anyone had recently flown with AA because my flight is in a week and I was wondering how they are in regards to carrying a wedding dress. Thanks for the info.
  3. airampz

    AHR is tomorrow!

    Have fun and can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes I am!! We have never been to Mexico but have always wanted to go but I think a lot of people do it like this. I did a lot of research and a lot of TripAdvisoring before choosing a resort and I think I made a good choice since I've heard nothing but good things about SMB and just can't wait!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ebeth Since I am planning to wear my dress at the AHR I can't actually trash the dress but I am thinking of doing a photosession. I really want great pictures! Any tips of photographers? Is the one the resort provides any good? Sorry if this has been asked - I'm just starting this research. Hi ebeth, If you are thinking about getting an outside photog you might want to hurry up. I chose to go not with the resort photog, there weren't many reviews about him and somehow most brides always went with a different photog than the resort one. I am doing a TTD session, I have seen pics and they look sooooo nice and fun! you should think about it. There are many recommendations for good photogs here just do a search and you'll find so many with every price to accomodate your budget (just don't get Michael Maurus from Cancun Photography LOL, he's had the worst review ever well happy planning and let us know what you decide.
  6. This dress is beautiful. I think that when it comes to your dress there is not such thing as not beachy enough, if you love it and feel beautiful then go for it girl! I think this dress is perfect.
  7. airampz

    www.projectwedding.com !!!

    This website is great!! There's just so much and so many ideas that it can take forever to go through them all.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by eloping789 Thanks!! I can't wait! Oh, and don't worry too much about your dress. I managed to find and buy mine off the rack in just over an hour at David's Bridal. No alterations required other than a bustle (although I hear that's rare)which I still have to find a tailor to do for me. Here's a link to my dress and another one that a friend of mine got for her wedding in Mexico and hers didn't have to be altered either. Mine: David's Bridal - Beaded lace trumpet with godet inserts at skirt hem and charmeuse sash. Friend's: David's Bridal - Chiffon gown with pleated bust, empire waist, and tie back. Good luck and let us know when you find your dress!! Your friend picked the same dress I did! I went to DB and was there for 2 hours and walked out with my dress. I loved it!! it was the first one I tried and it fit me perfectly. The sales lady wasn't too good as she kept bringing me sizes that I knew would be too big (she was new but she was nice but not too knowledgeable). I tried 3 more but this was the one. The one I got fit me so good that I don't even need to do alterations on it!! I will try to post pics of me in it, it;s just that I still haven't figured out how to work this photobucket thing.
  9. I definetely agree with everybody. I use Tripadvisor all the time and it is how I actually picked my resort SMB and all the other hotels I am using for my honeymoon in Greece. Some people are never satisfied and complain about the smallest things so I too take it with a grain of salt. Besides if 90% are good reviews that definetely tells you a lot...the other 10% are the whiners and complainers
  10. airampz

    How long is/did your AHR last?

    We are doing ours from 8-12 at a local Cuban restaurant. It is semi-formal. I am not even sure that I want to wear my wedding gown so I am thinking of getting a short, more casual one. We are having a buffet, beer, wine and Sangria, and the restaurant has a bar right outside the hall so if anybody wants to drink something else, it's right there. I have not ask about the set up time but since ours is the only one that day I don't think we'll have a problem with that the manager is so nice but I'll ask anyways. We are also planning on getting a dj and showing a slideshow of our pics.
  11. Wow!! I am still in shock and so so sorry about everything you had to go through. I initially thought about him and even sent a request when I was looking for photogs but luckily, and by that I cannot thank you enough Simistar, I sent you a PM and you told me all I needed to know. I can't believe the nerve of this guy. Just be glad that he would never be used by anyone here!!
  12. airampz

    invites to ahr

    We are having a ceremony with just the two of us. We wanted it like that because it was so romantic and besides we didn't want to deal with all the stress. We then decided to have a very simple get-together for family and friends back home. Well, to make a long story short, we went from a simple BBQ at my sister's backyard to a small party at a hall to now a more si-formal wedding at a very nice local restaurant. We are inviting 100 people (I do not want to go over that number). Even though it's not what we were planning at all, or the budget we said we'd stick to, I am happy now with my decisions. we are having our closest friends and family. It is a very nice restaurant and the food there is delicious. So now, I just have to do all the planning and prep...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ebeth Looks like I've found several other brides on the same wave length as me here! My fiance and I are getting married legally at Secrets Maroma on July 2, 2009 with just us. A simple ceremony on the beach, romantic dinner on the beach, and much time relaxing on the beach - this is what we have been dreaming about! Then we'll have a large reception/party in town mid August to celebrate with family and friends! I wasn't even planning to wear a white dress until I went dress shopping on a whim with my mom. Two days later I walked out of a store with a gorgeous white dress that needed some minor alterations! airampz - if you aren't super focused on one particular dress then you will be fine! The one area I would like to focus on for my wedding is photos! Must have some great photos of the event! It's been helpful reading over these posts because I'm really considering hiring an outside photographer. Thanks for the tip! Well, I found my dress at David's Bridal. It's very beachy and simple but yet beautiful. I love it! I'll try to post pics soon. The dress was really not a big issue for me and like you pics are very important. I hired an outside photog based on recommendations from the forum, Cecilia Dumas. I have heard great things about her and she is so nice in her emails. I decided to go w/an outside photog because it seemed thats what most people were recommending. Good luck with all your planning and I hope you find a good photog, there are great recommendations on the forum!
  14. I won't be wearing a veil. I have seen brides wear just a hair flower and I really like it. I just need to find one. I hadn't thought about a garter but now I think it's a great idea for the weddding night. So, I'm thinking about getting one.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by tguerre I am a bit worried about going with flip flops for the wedding cuz of that lovely flapping sound they make. My fiance is not keen on barefoot. I'm looking at these. What do you guys think? These are the cutest shoes ever!! I'm going into shoes.com right now lol I love them.