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    Please vote for my boudoir photo!

    Those were great! I voted for ya!
  2. Hi DV Brides - We just changed our wedding, with 48 days and counting from the Dominican Republic to Dreams Villamagna! I was a bit apprehensive about this resort but this forum and tripadvisor have put my mind at ease. We have ten total in our party and we are all pretty easy going and believe that a trip is what you make it. The resort looks absolutely beautiful and seems to have the past kinks worked out. We are getting married March 17, 2010 - we should all post our dates! It is great to hear from you brides that have just been there and any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We are not having a private reception but would like to try and go to one of the restaurants and have dinner together - which restaurant would you suggest for this? Happy planning and thanks for any reviews or advice! Kim
  3. Those turned out fantastic! I made my OOT bags but didn't get off near as cheap buying the fabric! Nice work!
  4. You could always trim the card down below the big circle and use a standard hole punch to punch a hole and just thread some ribbon through to hand around the door knob - I think I will do mine that way! Good Luck!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by milk&chocolate Hi! I actually got married at Dreams Villamagna a couple months ago. I truly believe you'll love it. The hotel rooms are amazing and the service is great. The hotel is only a year old so the installations are beautiful. March is still high season which is good because all the facilities and restaurants will be open. When its low season the down side is not all the restaurants are available. Nuevo Vallarta is about 30 minutes out of downtown Vallarta which means night life is a taxi ride away. But the hotel offers nightly activities every day of the week and has a great roof bar. The only thing I wasn't to thrilled about was the make-up and hair styling at their salon. I don't wear too much make up and like to look natural and I felt too done up with their styling so I went to a salon in old Vallarta which was amazing. Hope this gives you a little peace of mind. Good luck on your wonderful day! Thank you so much it is great to hear first hand experience from some one who has been to the resort. Kim
  6. Thank you all for your support. We have finally gotten everything changed over and we will be getting Married in Nuevo Vallarta at the Dreams Villamagna! I am not going to worry about it now and I can't wait till March! Best wishes for all of your weddings - this forum has been a great spot for information and support! Kim
  7. We just moved our wedding from Dreams Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to Dreams Villamagna due to the unfotunate events in Haiti. There is only 10 in our group but we only have 54 days till we get married and I am freaking out right now! Looking for some reasurance that the Villamagna is going to be great from anyone who has been there. All of our mugs, OOT bag stuff, AHR invites ect have Punta Cana, DR on them - Oh well I guess we will just have to laugh at that right - Thanks for the support and letting me vent, Kim
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    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Thanks to all for laying my fears to rest on the earthquake thing. My heart and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this. I love reading that I am not the only one beginning to be a basket case and it's nice to know I am not alone!
  9. hulagirlkim

    Dreams Punta Cana Brides

    Hi all ~ I haven't been on the forum for a while but as my date draws closer I have been lurking more and more. I also got charged right away for my deposit and then they sent me an official confirmation of the date and time for or ceremony. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the earthquake they had in Hati and how it has affected the DR. We are just about 60 days out and I am hoping this is just a fluke thing that won't cause any problems. I am trying not to panic and am just curious if anyone else had heard anything? Happy planning, Kim
  10. This is a great thread ~ I can't wait till my wedding ~ I am sure our group will have some doozies~!
  11. Very awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them!
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    Post your "Must Have" wedding songs

    This is a great post! Very helpful - thanks everybody!
  13. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions ~ Sounds like I can't go wrong with the Bordeaux!
  14. I will be getting married at Dreams PC on March 17, 2010. There will only be a small group of 10 of us. We will not be paying for a reception, because we are doing a big reception when we get home, so we would just like to have everyone meet for cocktails after the ceremony and then try to get into one of the restaurants together even if we have to break up into two tables. My question is I was thinking about having everyone meet at the Oceana bar and Restaurant is this a nice place or should we consider someplace else. I would love any opinions or feedback on which would be the best place. I would like to have a nice place with a pretty surrounding for this get together but it doesn't have to be super fancy. Thanks in advace for your help!
  15. Very inspirational! You did a fantastic job! Best wishes for your special day!