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  1. Hello Brides, Did anyone go with Cuquita's hair salon? I would like to get some feedback as I plan to book her services for my wedding. Sandra
  2. For our DJ, we are actually having our friend DJ and we are renting the equimpent for $350.. our freind is going to create a playlist and that will be our DJ music.
  3. I've done the pirate of the bay.. and its a lot of fun and worth going with a big group! We are doing it one night also with our guest.. the only thing that i regret doing is drinking too early and didnt hear that dinner was ready and missed the feast.. by the time we got down there.. dinner was over.. i wont make that mistake again! sandra
  4. Hi there, i was in PV last year.. and I was gonna book them for my wedding but decided to just stay with a DJ since we are having Mariachis as our live music. They are called Trio de Tres, they can do trio style or can also do like a 5 men/women band.. when i heard them they played mostly spanish music, but they did play some english.they were really good. they are pretty flexible and if you send them like a playlist of music in advance they can learn it and play it for you. Here is his contact info; jalonsotdt@hotmail.com Alonso Gonzalez, their prices were between $300-600 per hour depending on how big the group of musicians you would request. Good Luck! Sandra
  5. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone is concerned about the swine flu? I have guest that are concerned about traveling in June? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Also has anyone dealt with cancellations on your wedding based on major events like this? Make sure you get a force majeur clause on your contracts if possible. I'm trying to find out if its too late to do that with my vendors.. wish i would have done that earlier! sandra
  6. Thanks for all the club ideas! I'm actually looking for a club that may have a VIP area that can be reserved, my FI and i would like to have all our guest party at the Malecon after the wedding..has anyone done anything like this? thanks!
  7. I'm getting married June 4th (2 months away) in CC at the Quinta Del Mar Villa, should i request a tent from my WC? Does is normally rain more in CC?
  8. Hi There, My FI and I are getting married at Villa, Quinta Del Mar in Conchas Chinas. We decided we wanted family and our bridal party to stay there.. we gave them the option as well.. its a min. of 3 night stay..and has 12 rooms, the rest of our guest are staying at Buenaventura Resorts.
  9. Thanks Cynthia- for the great info.. im going with Vallarta Weddings also.. I'm interested in the Cuban Group, do you know how much they charged you? THanks- Sandra
  10. Same here.. im dying to see all the recent PV brides hair and make-up.. im getting married on June 4th and havent booked my hairstylist...my hair is soo think and straight.. that i dont know what will work for me... looking forward to seeing some pictures and referrals! Sandra
  11. Hi Jessica, Thanks for that great overview of your wedding.. im actually working with Michael and Eva on my wedding which is coming up on June 4th! And i have been very pleased with the communication i have had with them, i had the opportunity to meet them before we booked them and feel very comfortable with them and your post reassured my good judgement in going with Vallarta Weddings!
  12. thanks for everyones advice.. Nathaniel- I''m working with Michael and Eva from Vallarta Weddings.. they are great! THanks, Sandra
  13. Hi Marisol- the restaurant Ay Caramba is a great place, it has great panoramic views. I have had dinner there and the food is excellent..i little pricey but you may be able to get a fixed rate or buffet style menu.. the view is totally worth it! Good Luck
  14. Hello Brides, Im new to this forum and im getting married in 80 days in PV.. i'm in the process of booking my photographer and my WC (vallarta Weddings) recommends Aldo Tovar, his portfolio looks great, but wanted to see if anyone else has used his services? THanks!
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    SAndra Robles June 4, 2009 Puerto Vallarta, MX- Villa Quinta Del Mar Wedding Coordinator: Wedding Vallarta
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