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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that Yoselina and Magalis are both really great! We got married at IBPC last year in August and while I've had major computer issues, now that they have been resolved, I really need to post a review. I was so frustrated because I thought they were slow via e-mail, too! But they were so awesome during our entire trip! First we started with a hurricane that didn't let us land in the DR until after sunset and meant we didn't get to our hotel until close to 11PM on the night before our wedding! BOTH Magalis AND Yoselina stayed until after midnight to sit with us and get everything set up for us. I honestly couldn't be happier with them! We ended up moving our rehearsal from the day of arrival to the morning of the wedding and I changed my flower order the morning of the wedding (to include additional guests of honor) and no one batted an eye. The property is gorgeous and we had a terrific time. Now that I think about it, I should totally post a review and photos! I will see if I can do something this week! Congratulations to everyone on their upcoming weddings! They are going to be gorgeous!
  2. Hello! Sorry for being MIA The Resort is beautiful and my wedding was terrific! I had to stay away from all things wedding for a while because I had some family issues, but I will try to post a review and photos shortly! Sorry for the delay!
  3. Father Jean LaCaille married us in August at the Iberostar Punta Cana! He was terrrific and had responded to email very quickly, but PLEASE be sure of the following: 1) Have someone whose sole job is to read the marriage decree. We trusted that the information we supplied was correct and didn't read the document while we were signing it. We realized once we were back home that both of our birthplaces are incorrect. He sent us a new one and only my birthplace was corrected. It's been three months and we are anxiously awaiting our THIRD marriage decree. If I had asked our Best Man or Maid of Honor or any of the parents to read over the decree, they would have all known that Kansas is NOT in Texas and that I was not born in South America. 2) DO not lose your passport or let it expire anytime between providing the diocese copies and actually showing up. My passport expired the week before the wedding, and I received an expedited full passport the week I traveled. I made two color copies for the resort and the church and advised them as soon as I arrived in Punta Cana. Our official wedding license shows the previous passport number, which is no longer valid and doesn't match my current passport. We are waiting to hear from one more official, but it looks like DH and I will have to get married again in Texas and that is exactly what we were trying to avoid. The Ceremony itself was very beautiful and he followed our program and even read the dedications. We loved having him.
  4. I am getting married at the Iberostar Punta Cana this coming weekend! I will be sure to take lots of photos and let you know any details!
  5. This is sooo great! I have a letter and a map of the resort, but I think I am going to borrow the timeline for the wedding day and the table for all the guest's rooms! So creative! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow! That is NOT cool! I am having a Catholic wedding so at least I know that the WC CAN'T marry us! Sorry you are going through all that. Good Luck and I hope it all works out for you!
  7. We are also not having a civil ceremony prior to the one in the DR. The DR has no residency requirement nor a blood test requirement. The Catholic wedding in legally binding in the DR as well so we are all covered....
  8. We are getting married in just over 2 weeks (eek!) at the Iberostar Punta Cana. We are having 42 guests plus the bride and groom. Here is our budget so far: Dress/Alterations/Veil: $615 Groom's Suit/Shirt/Tie/Alterations: $350 Shoes: $1000 Travel for Us/FH's kids/Family:$14, 200 Engagement Photos/STDs/Invitations/Stationary: $1300 OOT Bags/Mugs: $250 BM Dresses (3): $165 GM Shirts and Pants (3): $175 Parasols/Fans/Decorations: $200 Wedding Package: $1600 Wedding Extras (extra guests=private restaurant;extra cake/champagne, etc.)=$1275 DJ= 570 Flowers (BMs, boutonieres, corsages)= 320 Spa for Bride and BMs and Moms=$1520 Photography (flying in our photographer and assistant)=$3500 Total: $27040 I am just a tad under budget, but I am sure that I can find something to blow that money on...
  9. I used Blurb.com for our engagement photos and I got three copies (one for us and one for each of the mom's) I gave them to our mom's at the bridal shower and EVERYONE loved them! I received soooo many compliments on them. They aren't flush mounted, so you can't really have one photo across two pages (well you can, but there is binding) but I didn't miss it at all. We paid $147 for 3 8x11 hardcover image wrap 52 page books and that included shipping!
  10. I just found this thread!!!!! I am just over two weeks out from my wedding in the DR and I started having trouble sleeping this week. I still have to work on programs, menus and placecards, but most of everything else is done. I am still looking for fans, but will probably end up buying the sandalwood ones at Michaels. I pick up my dress next week and FH is picking his suit up this Friday. Good Luck to everyone as August starts this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. We wanted a Saturday wedding because our group is traveling Thurs-Monday...but then decided I would drive myself nuts and since there is no residency requiremen in the DR moved it to Friday. I get half a day Thursday to fret and worry and cry about whatever...and then I marry my love on Friday and then I have two whole days of relaxing with family and friends and fly back home Monday!
  12. What an amazing idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FI has children that live with us and I never wanted them to find the book and look through it, so from the beginning my photographer offered something called a presentation box for my photos. I will receive 30 photos in a wooden box with a photo of my wedding shoes on the cover. This way if anyone finds it, they will think it's a jewelry box or whatever... Plus, FI bought me the blue Manolo Blahnik shoes from the SATC movie and I wanted to make them special for him, too. I think I am going to wait and give them to him on our first married morning. I have a fantastic digital SLR camera and it takes pretty professional photos. I think it will be much more intimate for me to give my husband the photos when we are alone. But I still want to capture his reaction. I LOVE THIS BOARD!
  13. We went with WedSafe and we were able to customize it for the amount of money we have paid. For example, FI and I paid for 12 people total to come to the wedding and that was about $15K and we covered vendor services separately against receipts. We choose a policy specifically for Caribbean weddings in August! In all we are covered for up to $35k and we paid just under $300.
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