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  1. Hi Everyone! I am having a fiesta brunch after my wedding for my guests and want to play a few games. One game I am doing is pin the tail on the donkey however I want to spice it up a little. Maybe ideas on something that is funny / cute that you can do isstead of the tail and donkey? Thanks in advance
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    It would be a nice touch for you to provide transportation. My girlfriend had her wedding off the strip and she provided a bus there and back. I would book the bus first and tell him you will give him the destination a little later but it will be a one of the hotels. Then find out where the majority of your guests are staying and have everyone meet there at a certain time. The guest that arent staying there wont mind hoping into a $5.00 cab. Hope that helps
  3. I am heading there today! Thank you!
  4. What a great idea. All your guest are going to feel pretty special when they open their mail!
  5. Thank you everyone that was soooo much help. I am so glad to have all of you to guide me through this special time!!
  6. Hello Everyone, hope your having a great day! My fiance and I are from Vancouver but are in Las Vegas right now looking at possible wedding sites etc. I want to get our picture at the Las Vegas sign with the both of us holding up our wedding date and some how put it on a magnet to send as a Save The Date. If anyone has any ideas on the best way to do this it would be much appricated. Carla
  7. My best is my arms. Worst is my hair
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    Unique Wedding Ideas

    Thanks so much that website had loads of great ideas!
  9. I really love the first one it is beautiful!
  10. Hello Everyone, Hope all is well. My wedding is in Las Vegas on September 26th, 2009. I am having all the family to a rented house for a mexican fiesta themed brunch the day after the wedding. I am wondering if anyone has ideas of games or decorations. I am going to have pinyatas and pin the tail on my "husband" but any other games or food or suggestions please send on over!
  11. Relax not bad at all. One good tip is try and have epsom salt baths a couple days after it helps with no in grown hairs.
  12. On Martha Stewarts webpage she has templates for tea tags but you could change them and I think they would look cute hanging from the OOT bags handles.
  13. I love #1 it is really fun. With the other clutches your really have to be careful with the clashing of shades of white. I just watched the oscars and one of the dresses was a beautiful white and she had a deep red clutch and it look fantastic!
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    Bride and Brother Dance

    I think it is a really cute idea and he would be honored! Who cares do it if you want I think it is really sweet. I have 2 brothers and that kind of gave me an idea to have a dance with one of my bros and then the other brother tapping on his shoulder and cutting in.